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Karen Handel is best suited to change Georgia's tax code
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      When a river breaks through a dam there are two ways to fix it, either plug the hole or build a completely new dam.
      While plugging the hole temporarily fixes the flooding it is only a matter of time until the next hard rain and a new hole appears. One can look at the state tax system as the dam that needs fixing. For the last 50 years state politicians have been plugging holes in a dam that keeps leaking after every repair.
      Of the candidates remaining in the gubernatorial race only Karen Handel seems willing to make the hard decision of completely restructuring Georgia’s tax system to make sure revenue shortfalls are a thing of the past. Handel is in favor of eliminating the state income tax and replacing it with a consumption based tax.
      Living in Tennessee for the last few years has given me first hand experience on the benefits of such a tax. It’s cheaper for the state to administer and impossible to escape. Georgia has the seventh most illegal immigrants in the country; most of them are not paying any taxes. With a sales tax illegals would be including in the tax base which would create more revenue than any change of the current system. It’s a simple solution we should have copied from our neighbors years ago.
Matthew Ogles

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