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Be careful what you wish for
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     Where is Anna Nicole when we need her? It seemed pure misery when her antics were featured incessantly, such as the silicone breast implants that gave her problems. Wondering whether or not she would find some good ole boy from Texas who could bring her back to reality and yank her out of Hollywood, was true drama.    
    But now that Paris Hilton's jail time and Lindsay Lohan’s DUI have become the huge news item of the day, interspersed with erectile dysfunction advertisements that pervade the screen, most of us realize how badly we are in need of the blonde, buxom beauty.
    Be careful what you wish for.   
    In hoping never to hear of Anna's escapades and woes further, I didn't foresee the alternative programming producers had in store for us. And to think, her elderly husband, Mr. Marshall the oil tycoon didn't live to see the panacea for erectile dysfunction splashed on most programs we watch, and, even in prime time when little kids and teenagers are also eagerly watching.
    Of course, Mr. Marshall, obviously smart, being a rich man and all that, might have boycotted the drugs in protest, refusing to buy them even if prescribed by his doctor, thinking as many people do that the commercials feature low-brow, prurient teasing. That boycott, if joined in by enough people, might have caused advertisers to rethink their forum choice.  
    Or, who knows? Maybe Mr. Marshall would have eagerly availed himself of those magic pills. Maybe Mr. Marshall didn't even need them in the first place. Anna Nicole, if only you were around to tell us.
Carl T. Cone
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