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Letter to the Editor - Tormenta looking forward to ‘different’ 2021 season
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Many of you know that the heart of the Tormenta FC crest is the Ibis, an animal that is the last to seek shelter from a storm, and the first to reappear when the storm passes. The world has experienced a long storm with the pandemic, and Tormenta Nation is determined to emerge from it together, more united than before.

2021 is different. Not only is it different all across the board, but sports are different. Football clubs are different. Tormenta FC is different. We are even more thankful, even more hopeful, and even more excited for what is to come this season that begins Saturday evening here in Statesboro.

We are thankful. Thankful for the 2020 season and all of the change it brought us. These changes brought us new life-long Tormenta FC fans that show overwhelming support, locally and around the world. We are thankful that this season, we will be able to share the field with our fans, cheering on Tormenta FC alongside them.

We are hopeful. Tormenta FC has always been and always will be more than just a football club. We are a family, reaching young and old members and fans throughout all of southern Georgia and the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Together, the Statesboro community will continue to grow as our stadium is now on track to be finished for the 2022 League One season. Not only do we have a stadium in the works, but we are also continuing to create long-lasting partnerships with local businesses in the community. Together, we do better.

We are excited. 2021 will be like no other year. The club has 12 players with Tormenta FC2 or Tormenta FC Academy experience on the roster for the professional season, further proving our “Pros Start Here” mantra. There are three USL championships on the line this year - USL League One, USL League Two and USL Academy League - and we are ready to fight for them all 

Tormenta FC wants to thank you for your continued support throughout these times of uncertainty. We cannot wait to continue to grow as a community and as a team. We are looking forward to safely packing Erk Russell Stadium with you for the 2021 season! Vamos Tormenta!
Darin and Netra R. Van Tassell

Owners, Tormenta FC

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