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GSU students have mixed feelings about Bush's visit
GSU - Greene
Robert Greene
While the White House hasn't "officially" confirmed President George W. Bush's visit to Georgia Southern, students on the campus have mixed feelings about the appearance by the president.
     "I'm very excited about it," said junior Robert Greene. "I never thought anything like this would happen while I was here at Georgia Southern."
    Greene said he would definitely go to see Bush if he had the opportunity, even though he disagrees with many of his policies.
    "If I had the chance, I'd go just to say that I saw the president in person," he said.
    Brandon Thomas, a second-year student, said he might go hear what Bush has to say.
    Thomas, who said he agrees more often than not with the president, said he was surprised Bush was coming to Statesboro.
    Freshman Callie McDonald, meanwhile, said she probably wouldn't go hear Bush speak, saying she didn't know why he was coming to town.
    Bush is expected to be in Statesboro Monday to support Max Burns, a Republican seeking Georgia's 12th Congressional District seat currently held by Democrat John Barrow.
    This will be Bush's second trip to Georgia in the last few weeks to support Burns.
    Georgia Southern officials referred all questions concerning Bush's visit to Max Burns' campaign headquarters where they are still waiting on official word from the White House regarding Bush's trip to Statesboro.
    Victoria Moore, a freshman at GSU, said she was surprised he would come to Statesboro and likely wouldn't attend the event.
    "I don't like a lot of what he's done, especially the war (in Iraq)," she said. "I know he said it was necessary, but I don't agree with it."
Senior Travis Hodges said he was surprised that a sitting president would "come to little old Statesboro."
    Like Moore, Hodges said he disagreed with the president on many issues, but he still would like to hear him speak.
    "I'd like to listen to what he has to say just because he is the president."
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