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Five area citizens recognized for lifetime achievements at Deen Day Smith
William Robert "Dub" Lovett - photo by Special
    Five area citizens were recognized during Tuesday's 20th Annual Deen Day Smith Service to Mankind Awards for lifetime achievement.  Helen Rosengart, Willie Pearl Clark, Earl Dabbs, Kathryn Olliff and William Robert "Dub" Lovett were each presented with crystal loving cups during the invitation-only gala, held at Georgia Southern University's Nessmith Lane Continuing Education Building.
    After recognizing 17 other first-time Deen Day Smith Service to Mankind Awards recipients, Statesboro Herald President Joe McGlamery reminded the volunteers who were honored " remember, you cannot do all the good the world needs, but the world needs all the good you can do."
    The awards banquet is hosted by the Statesboro Herald and numerous local sponsors.
    BB&T President James Eli "Jimmy" Hodges introduced each Lifetime Achievement award recipient.  The honor is reserved for individuals age 60 and above who have dedicated their lives to service to mankind in the community.
 Willie Pearl Clark
    "Generosity, compassion, and dedication are all words that describe a wonderful lady who has made her community a better one through tireless service," Hodges said. "When someone in this lady's community is ill or incapacitated, she is there to help run errands, assist with  paperwork, and provide joy through her visits.
    "Willie Pearl Clark  spends time visiting those in nursing homes or who are confined to their homes, doing whatever is needed to make  their lives more pleasant.
    "Born in Bulloch County, she has spent countless hours doing for others. For over 20 years she has worked with the Whitesville Community Park, and taught the summer youth program there, helping educate and entertain the community's younger citizens," he said.
    Touting Clark as an active supporter of United Way who has spent over seven years volunteering with the agency, he continued: "For the past eight years she has also served on the Relay for Life planning committee and as team co-captain of the Little Bethel Baptist Church team.
    "This outstanding woman helped influence young people by serving as a paraprofessional with the Bulloch County Board of Education for over 20 years. "
    Clark is a past member of the Phoebe Floyd Temple serving as daughter ruler, and is  a past state honoree of the Elk's Lodge.
    For over 34 years, she served as church clerk for Little Bethel Baptist church, sang in the choir and still teaches Primary Sunday school and vacation Bible school. She also serves on the planning committee for the Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Association's women's department.
    She also volunteers with Meals on Wheels.
    "A loving wife and mother, she carves out time in her busy schedule to care for her father-in-law as well,"  he said.
Earl Dabbs
    "Some people are simply born to give, and one of tonight's honorees has done just that throughout his life," Hodges said.
    "Whether through church, education or community, countless hours have been donated by Earl Dabbs, whose years of service resulted in his receiving  a  Deen Day Smith Service to Mankind Award in 1993.
    "He supported local businesses as a long time member and past president of the Statesboro-Bulloch County Chamber of Commerce. Also in 1993, the Chamber recognized him by special award for fund raising efforts.
    In 1996 the Chamber recognized him again, as Business Leader of the Year."
    A long-time certified public accountant, Dabbs  has over 33 years experience,  and retired as a managing partner with a successful local firm, of which he was founder, he said.
    "He also served as chairman of  the board of directors at Farmers and Merchants Bank, where he was a member of numerous committees, and is a member of  the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Georgia Society of Certified Public Accountants."
    As Statesboro Rotary Club member, Dabbs served as a past member of the club's board of directors.  In 1999, the club recognized him as a Paul Harris Fellow and a Will Watt Fellow of the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International.
    He is also a past member of the Business Advisory Council of Georgia Southern University's College of Business Administration, Hodges said.
    "Education has always been a passion for  this man, and he served as a past member of the Bulloch Academy Board of Trustees. Ogeechee Technical College  named its accounting laboratory after this man in recognition of his dedication to community education.
    "He also worked hard to better his home town and served as chairman of  the Development Authority of Bulloch County. As if this weren't enough, this man has spent years supporting Statesboro's first United Methodist Church as a member and past chairman of the church's Administrative Board and Finance Committee."
William Robert "Dub" Lovett
    Hodges continued as he introduced the night's third Lifetime Achievement honoree.
    "For 75 years, one of tonight's honorees has been a member of Statesboro's First United Methodist Church. Throughout those years, he has served in several areas, chairing committees and teaching Sunday school classes. To this day young people thank him for his influence on their character through his teachings.
    William Robert " Dub" Lovett  also served his country during World War II with the 8th Air Force in the European Division in England, he said.
    "After four years of service to his country, this man returned to raise his family in Bulloch County and make an impact on the community by operating a downtown business as co-owner. Community improvement was so important to this man, he dedicated time and effort as founding chairman of the Statesboro Downtown Development Authority," he said.
    Lovett's  involvement with local business issues began earlier, when he became president of the Junior Chamber of Commerce at an early age, he said. "He was also a driving force when the Statesboro-Bulloch County Recreation Department was formed.
    "Music has always been an interest for this man, who helped boost the Georgia Teachers College Orchestra when he attended the school. After his military career he organized and was founding president of the Statesboro-Georgia Southern Symphony, now known as the Georgia Southern University Symphony.
    Lovett's service to others knows no bounds, Hodges said. "A  long-time member of the Statesboro Rotary Club, he served as president and was named a Paul Harris Fellow. Also, as a result of his dedication, he was named as a member of the Foundation of Rotary International. Always a civic-minded man, he has long made a habit of encouraging young GSU students to further  their education, and has inspired underprivileged students to strive to better themselves."
    Hodges said Lovett's " wit and friendly personality often showed itself as he dealt with customers, and one of his favorite requests was to ask others  to " do someone else a favor today."
Kathryn Burton Olliff
    "The Boys and Girls Club of Statesboro has reaped the benefits of having a dedicated and passionate supporter in one of tonight's honorees. A member of  the Boys and Girls Club board since it's formation, Kathryn Olliff shows her support by actively recruiting new members and boosting contributions to the club," Hodges said. "Her enthusiasm for life and helping others has aided her in numerous endeavors throughout her lifetime."
    Her leadership extends beyond simple service to others as a registered nurse, having moved to Bulloch County after receiving her degree from St. Joseph's Hospital in Atlanta years ago, he continued" She worked for Bulloch Memorial Hospital for many years, spreading joy with her smile as she cared for patients.
    "A loyal member of Statesboro's First United Methodist Church, she has taught Sunday School for over 20 years, and is  a member of the church's pastoral committee and volunteers as church secretary on a weekly basis.
    "An active supporter of the Statesboro- Bulloch County Chamber of Commerce, Kathryn is a long-time member of the Steel Magnolias. She also volunteers her time as a docent at the Averitt Arts Center and promotes the center's activities, events and goals."
    Lovett  has been involved in local schools, volunteering during the time her daughter was a student, helping improve the quality of local education, he said.
    "Her efforts as a member of the Spade and Trowel Garden Club have helped beautify the community, and her charming personality lent itself to promoting the club's activities as well as improving her surroundings. She served as the club's president as well.
    "Beauty is important to Kathryn, and she expresses it through needlework, some of which she has donated to Statesboro's First United Methodist Church," he said." Recently she donated two tapestries, one of which is her own work, to the church, and they hang in the church narthex for visitors to enjoy.
Helen Rosengart
    Hodges introduced the fifth and final Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.
    "Because of this lively and energetic lady, thousands of Bulloch County school children have learned an appreciation for music," he said. "Because of Helen Rosengart, adults who could not read can now browse through magazines and newspapers, learning about life beyond their own experiences."
    Statesboro and Bulloch County have been visited by world renowned artists because of Rosengart's selfless efforts and interest in the community, he said.  "She has given of herself through volunteerism in many forms for the past 50 years.
    "When 'A Day for Southern' first began over three decades ago, this woman was one of the driving forces behind the fund raising event. Today, at age 80, she has yet to miss one of the annual efforts," he said.
    Rosengart  first began having local impact on this community when she and her husband moved to Statesboro in 1955. "They built the Cari Classics garment plant in Portal, and donated land in that town to build a baseball field in the 1970's. Then, this dynamic female took a step further to raise funds for bleachers and fences. The field was named after her and her husband."
    Rosengart was a founding member and past president of the Statesboro-Georgia Southern Symphony Guild, 'making Statesboro the smallest city in America to have its own symphony, 20 years ago," he said.
    "She wrote a grant that helped start the music programs in local schools, allowing students to travel by bus to Hanner Fieldhouse to listen to a symphony and experience classical music. She stirred an interest in violin in the local schools music program as well.
    "An active participant in STARS Theater, this active female has served as both director and performer, as well as publicist for many plays and performances at Averitt Arts Center. She even sells programs and playbills each year," he said.
    In her spare  time, Rosengart teaches adult literacy at the Statesboro Regional Library.  "Three years ago, at age 77, she was named 'instructor of the year,'" he said. " As if this wasn't enough activity, she is an avid supporter of United Way and the American Cancer Society and has tirelessly collected funds for both , year after year.
    Rosengart has long been an active member of the Statesboro-Bulloch County Chamber of Commerce, a supporter of numerous Georgia Southern University causes, and founded the Statesboro Hebrew Congregation in 1957, he said.

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