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Fun with the Family with Julie Lavender - Enjoy warmth, green of March
Julie Lavender
Julie Lavender

Julie Lavender-030611

Listen to Julie Lavender read her Fun With the Family column.

      After the bizarre winter we've had, it seems fitting that Spring would burst forth in beauty, long before the calendar announces its arrival. Take advantage of springtime weather and make fun, creative memories for family and loved ones.  Have picnics, fly kites, and go fishing. While observing the grass and buds exhibit all shades and hues of green, turn your world St. Patty's green with green milkshakes and green tea; green eggs and green grits; green broccoli, beans, celery and peas. Watch for leprechauns and new blossoms, each day in March, and enjoy some of these bizarre, but actual, celebrations.
      National Quilt Day -Spread a quilt on the floor, bed, or couch and climb aboard for a reading adventure. Read Stichin' and Pullin' by Patricia C. McKissack; Cassie's Word Quilt by Faith Ringgold; The Tsunami Quilt by Anthony D. Fredericks; or The Patchwork Quilt by Valerie Flournoy.
      National Dance Day - Download some tunes and start tapping! Grab the entire family and move to the music. Freestyle to songs on the radio or Google and learn to do the Macarena, Cuban shuffle, or Electric slide. Check out local dance studios and learn how to pas de chat or bourree. Whatever it takes to get your feet flopping and heart pumping - get busy! For an opportunity to dance the night away with your most prized possession and donate to a worthy cause, get your ticket now for the annual Father/Daughter Dance, held April 15. (Contact Brooke Green, at 912.682.6904 for info. )
      National Chip and Dip Day - Let little hands help stir together this tasty appetizer. Mix contents of one envelope of Hidden Valley Ranch (registered trademark) Dip packet with sixteen ounces of sour cream. Add one-half cup of grated, sharp cheddar cheese and one-fourth cup of real bacon bits. Stir. Serve with a package of baked potato chips and enjoy!
      National Bubble Week -When is the last time you had a bubble adventure with the family? On a breezy day, pour bubble solution in shallow containers. Use bubble wands to send bubbles soaring into space. For more creative adventure, grab other household items to use for wands instead, like a clean fly-swatter, slotted spoon or spatula from the kitchen, or a large-toothed hair comb.
    National Peanut Month - Celebrate this day with a toast: pour a small amount of salted peanuts in a Coke and relish the taste. (If you just said, "Ew, gross" - then you ain't from the south!) Try it - you just might become a fan. But, if you'd rather not imbibe, then celebrate the day by making a family trail mix, with favorite cereal pieces, dried fruits, and salted peanuts. To add some sweetness, toss in some chocolate covered raisins, because it's also National Chocolate Covered Raisin Month.
      Spring - Even though springtime is still a few days away on the calendar, pear and peach trees, dogwoods, red maples, red buds, and others are displaying gloriously beautiful blossoms for all to enjoy! Don't miss a single blossom or splash of color! Take a different route to school or work every day to appreciate spring's canvas.
Savor the sights, smells, and sounds of spring. Make the most of March with family and friends. You'll be so glad you did!

      Statesboro native Julie Bland Lavender celebrates with husband David and children Jeremy, Jenifer, Jeb Daniel, and Jessica.

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