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Bulloch Geneaology with Roger Allen - Hodges family roots date back to 1200
roger allen
Roger Allen

  The Hodges are a family of great antiquity. Variations in spelling occurred in their names over time, including Hoegges (pronounced ho-edges), Hogge, Hoge, Haig, Haigh, Hage, Hogue, Hodges, Hodge, Hodgis, Hodgins and even Hodgson. The family immigrated to Holland to escape persecution for their religious beliefs, and changed the spelling of their name to 'Hague.'
      By 1798, the family had immigrated to Scotland, and had changed the spelling of their name to “deHaga.” The first documented American ancestor of the Hodges family was Petrus (or Peter) deHaga, Baron of Bemerside in Berwickshire.
      He died around 1200. From Petrus deHaga there is a documented line of succession from father to son all the way to James Haig of Bemerside, the eighteenth Baron of this family. Governor James Hoge Tyler of Virginia wrote "this Peter of the Dyke, probably from Cape de la Hague in Normandy. He founded an “honorable” family, and was associated early with the cause for liberty and patriotism.
      The first generation of Hodges whose family actually settled in Bulloch County was Francis Hodges, who was born in 1720 and died in 1775 in Davie, N.C. Francis married Frances Carruthers. Their son Joshua Hodges was born on October 13, 1736 in Newbern, N.C., and died on March 5, 1809 in Bulloch.
      Joshua Hodges married Ann Raiford in 1756 in Effingham. The children from this marriage were: Catherine, born in 1762; Joseph, born in 1763; Benjamin, born in 1765; Joshua, born in 1766; Elizebeth Barge, born in 1771; Alsey, born in 1776; Rhoda, born in 1777; Nathaniel, born in 1777; and Essenurer Alcy, born in 1788.
      Joshuas son Joseph Hodges was born on January 17, 1763 in Bulloch, and died in 1828 in Ray City, Berrien, Ga., at the of age 65. Joseph married Sarah Carr on June 13, 1799, and they had eight children, all born in Bulloch County.
      They were James Carr, born on March 13, 1800; Joseph Caruther, born on August 7, 1801; Benjamin, born on November 3, 1803; Bright Pearcel, born on July 10, 1805; Hardy Bell, born on May 28, 1808; John W., born on July 10, 1809; Judge Raiford, born on June 21, 1810; and Nathaniel William McLain, born on December 1, 1819.
      Joseph Caruthers Hodges married Mary Ann Alderman on March 4, 1830 in Bulloch. Their daughters were: Sarah Ann, born on Feb. 3, 1831; Katherine J., born on May 13, 1834; Penelope S., born on Jan. 10, 1836; and Mary A., born Feb. 19, 1842.
       Records show their sons were: Asbury Wesley, born on November 15, 1829; Wesley, born on August 29, 1832; Thomas Marion, born on March 8, 1836; Thomas M., born on April 19, 1837; James C., born on February 4, 1839; Samuel W., born on January 24, 1844; Joseph A. G., born on February 11, 1846; Ansel, born on January 28, 1848; Hiram Caruthers, born in March of 1853; and Hardy Nathan, born on March 29, 1855.

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