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Diane Miller - Styles of parenting
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    Consider three styles of parenting on a teeter totter with very permissive parenting on the left end, moderate/nurturing parenting in the middle and very strict parenting on the right. Research suggests that the most effective parenting style is a balancing act, choosing the moderate/nurturing style.
    Parents may sometimes tip toward permissiveness, sometimes toward being strict; however, keeping the “parenting” teeter totter balanced and in the middle is more likely to yield desirable children’s characteristics.
    Actions of balanced, moderate/nurturing parents include the following:
    - Setting and consistently enforcing clear, fair rules
    - Being flexible and allowing a fair amount of freedom
    - Balancing rules with relationships
    - Encouraging open communication and verbal give and take
    Children raised with “balanced” parenting, versus parents who are too lenient or too strict, are more likely to have the following characteristics:
    • Independent
    • Self-reliant
    • Self-controlled
    • High self-esteem
    • Achievement oriented
    • Friendly
    • Cheerful
    • Active
    • Cooperative with adults and peers.
    The most effective parenting — the one most closely associated with healthy child development — practices warmth combined with moderate parental/adult control.

    For more information on best parenting practices, contact Diane at (912) 871-6130, or Join us for our Balanced Parenting workshop on Monday, Sept. 22. The workshop is free, but preregistration is required. Call (912) 871-6130 by Friday, Sept. 19.

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