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Bridge 9/3
Keep your eyes open for success
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    Bill Cosby said, "Every closed eye is not sleeping, and every open eye is not seeing."
    Some bridge players who keep their eyes open do not pay close enough attention to the exact cards. Do not make that mistake in this deal.
    You are South, in three no-trump. West leads the spade six. What would be your plan? As a secondary issue, what do you think of the auction?
    In my opinion, South should rebid two no-trump, not one heart. With 18 high-card points, all in aces and kings, South's rebid should show that strength, which one heart would not do. Yes, with only ace-doubleton in spades, it is not ideal. But it is much better than one heart, which might result in a missed game or slam. North is right to raise to three no-trump, expecting his suit to provide five or six tricks.
    You have seven top tricks: one spade, two hearts, two diamonds and two clubs. After a rounded-suit lead, you would have ducked a diamond. But that won't work, now that spades are wide open. Is there something better?
    You should assume that the missing diamonds are splitting 2-2. The snag, though, is that the diamond suit might become blocked. Lead your seven (or eight) to dummy's king and call for the ace, unblocking your eight (or seven). Now dummy's diamond six can squash your five, and the other three diamond winners can be cashed. You win 11 tricks, not eight.
    When you need to run a suit, run your eyes over the exact cards your side holds.
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