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Bulloch History with Roger Allen: Georgia stagecoaches establish routes, fare costs
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Roger Allen

    Note: The following is one of a series of columns looking at the first road systems in Georgia and Bulloch County.


    From Milledgeville, the weekly stages were run as far as Athens, with the fare for this part of the route being $6.25.

    Next came the route running from Milledgeville to Augusta, a distance of 88 miles, the road passing through Sparta, Warrenton, Sweetwater, Kirkpatrick's and Ligon's. Stages ran on this line six days a week, with the sole exception being on Wednesday. The fare charged for a trip covering the full distance was $10.

    In addition, the route ran from Milledgeville to St. Mary's. The length of this line was 237 miles and the principal stations along the route were at Jacksonville, Carver's and Waresboro.

    Also very important was the stagecoach route running from Milledgeville to Columbus. Two different routes were used by stage coaches going between these two towns.

    The first stage road usually followed ran by way of Macon, Knoxville, St. Lawrence, Rogers, and to Fort Mitchell, 11 miles beyond Columbus. The second stagecoach ran by way of Clinton, Forsyth, Thomaston, Gibson's and Major Well's place.

    The distance covered by the first stage line was 129 miles, and the distance covered by the latter stagecoach was 131 miles. The stage fare for either route was $10.

    Another important stagecoach route ran from Milledgeville to Rock Mountain via Eatonton, Madison and Covington, covering a distance of 89 miles.

    There was also the stagecoach route that ran from Milledgeville to Pensacola, Fla. This was one of the longest stage lines in the state, being 346 miles. The stagecoaches passed through Macon, Fort Lawrence, Fort Perry, Fort Gaines, Big Escambia and Pine Barren.

    Another major stagecoach route ran from Milledgeville to Darien, passing Sandersville, Mount Vernon, Beard's Bluff and Fort Barrington. This line covered 192 miles, with running twice a week.

    A major Savannah route ran from Savannah to Athens via Powelton and Greensboro, covering a distance of 197 miles. Little information is available about this line.


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