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The Melton Christmas Village - Presented by Wise Nursery
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Emory and Vilette Melton show off their Christmas Village.


The Melton Family's Christmas Village

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Holiday Lights - Melton's Christmas Village presented by Wise Nursery.


Emory and Vilette Melton are enjoying Christmas this year sleeping in their camper. They're not in a state park, however; the camper is in their Lakeview Road back yard. The reason they sleep there isn't just because they enjoy it, it's because their house is occupied – by rooms and rooms filled with Christmas villages and other holiday decorations.

            The den is transformed into a delightful Christmas world  with shelves Emory built that conceal the furniture and create tiers where hundreds of Department 56 Snow Village collectible pieces are wired together to form a lighted community, bustling with activity (kids skating on ponds, Santa flying overhead, cars, people walking and lots more.)

            Two trains make rounds underneath the table that holds more of the Snow Village, and other holiday curios are everywhere - nestled into corners, overflowing from shelves,  perched on furniture.

            Then there is the "fireman's" room - a tribute to the family career, with a collection of firemen Santa Claus figurines and a Christmas tree decorated with firehouse themed ornaments. A village covers shelves over a bed, too.

            Over 300 pieces, not counting the accessories,  fill the home. Another room is filled with the "North Pole" village collection and Disney pieces. Santa piloting a plane  flies around in a circle from a mobile, and carousels and children skating on ice complement a tree decorated with ballet dancer figurines.

            "We've been doing this for about 20 years now," Vilette said. The collection began when her sister gave her a church and a red barn, and " this is what it turned into."

            Her living room features a tree decorated completely in gold and white ornaments - Snow Baby ornaments and delicately detailed gold collectibles. The entire house is a Christmas experience everyone should enjoy, and the Melton's don't mind visitors. That's the reason they begin in late September, hauling out the countless boxes and figuring out where to hide the electrical wires so the effect of the village isn't compromised.

            And it's why they spend a couple months cooking breakfast and sleeping in their backyard camper.

            "The bed sleeps good, and if the bed sleeps good, you don't complain," she said.


Look for a new Holiday Lights video celebrating the Christmas season each Monday through December 17. 

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