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Weekly Whatup, 5/19
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    For the next three weeks, we’ll all be little bit over-saturated with horse racing, Big Brown and the Triple Crown.
    The Sport of Kings will be the focal point of every newspaper, talk radio show and telecast — as it deservedly should be.
    Big Brown has looked like a stud among colts in these last two races — especially in Saturday’s Preakness. The few worker bees who toiled away on a lonely afternoon at the Herald office this past weekend gaped at Brown’s ability to toy with the Preakness field, then leave them in his collective dust to win by at least five lengths.
    I’ll wait until the week of the Belmont Stakes to make any predictions  on Brown’s fate — but I think it’s quite obvious where I’ll be leaning come post time.
    Embarrassing mark to this point: 13-18.

Tourney Time
    Eagle fans may be a bit disappointed with the way things ended this past weekend in the City of Green. Georgia Southern dropped two-of-three to the Fightin’ Purples and ended up in fourth place. Could of been worse, could have been better — whattaya gonna do?
    So who will come away with this year’s Southern Conference title? Let’s take a looksie.
    First off, the No. 1 seed Elon may have the least bit of drive to win it all. The Phoenix need just one more win to reach the magical mark of 40, which in all likelihood would garner them an at-large bid to the NCAA regionals.   
    Charleston’s in at No. 2 and they’re the scariest club offensively (yes, even more so than the hometown Eagles). The Cougs are four wins short of 40 which means they need a spot in Sunday’s winner-take-all championship for a chance at an at-large bid.
    Numbers 3-6 all have a dangerous lineup but inconsistent pitching, while No. 7 Western Carolina was a preseason favorite and No. 8 The Citadel has a home field advantage. No. 9 Wofford can be thrown out — assuming last year was an anomaly — and No. 10 Davidson might as well stay in North Carolina.
    Which brings me to this bit of sacrilegiousness deliciousness. I’m picking Furman to win it all. It pains me to do so, but I just have a hunch — and Matt Yogus is holding a gun to my head.
    Once that Georgia Southern pitching staff matures, they’ll be super tough. But I don’t see that happening until ‘09.

Lord Stanley’s Cup
    I’m assuming some time next week the Stanley Cup Finals will be all set and ready to go.
    The Pittsburgh Penguins disposed of Philadelphia on Sunday to win the Eastern Conference. I’m confident the Detroit Red Wings will finish off Dallas (prediction two) in the West giving us our two finalists.
    I’ve been hard-pressed to catch any glimpses of the most exciting playoffs in sports. It’s been even more frustrating having been berated by my father for my inability to watch any of the action.
    — Son, have you been watching the playoffs!?
    — No, dad, I don’t get the Versus channel down here.
    — Oh, but you gotta watch. They’ve just been awesome...
    — Dad, I know, but I don’t get Versus.
    — The hitting, the crowd, the goals, you’re really missing out...
    — Dad, I don’t get Versus, I can’t friggin’ watch the playoffs!
    Anyhoo, the young and exciting Pens will have their work cut out for them against the seasoned Wings. But I really think this could one of the most exciting Cup Finals in a long time.
    I’m going to go for the upset: Pittsburgh in 7 over Detroit.

The Champions
    Thanks to me, at least one corner of the Herald office is now familiar with the UEFA Champions League. I’m such an ambassador.
    For those of you that are not familiar with what in the world I’m talking about, let me explain.
    The UEFA Champions League is soccer, football for our more worldly readership. This league takes the top teams from each European country, throws them into a tournament and crowns a champions at the end of May. Imagine taking the best college football teams from each state and putting them into a playoff setting.
    On Wednesday, at 2:30 p.m. on ESPN2, Manchester United and Chelsea are the two sides left standing and meet in Moscow for the trophy.
    I won’t get all snobbish and tell you if you don’t watch you’re some kind of bloody wanker who’s not fit to wear my knickers. Instead, I just invite you to sneak away from work a little bit early, turn on the tele in the break room or head down to the local pub for a pint (or three).
    You won’t regret the two short hours in which some of the best footballers in the world showcase their talents in one of the most passionate events in sports.
    Chelsea 2, Red Devils 1 — with two goals from Didier Drogba.