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Weekly Whatup 4/07
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It’s never a bad idea to pat yourself on the back, and I must say, this week I’m more than well-deserving. Quite. Yes. Indeed.

            The Atlanta Braves got off to a dream start on Sunday night aaaaaaaas I said they would. I had Derek Lowe winning the Cy Young — he goes eight strong shutout innings. Brian McCann for MVP — he jacks an upper-decker in the first to shock Philly. Chipper with a second straight batting title — looks like he hasn’t missed a beat. Frenchy for Comeback Player of the Year — he’s as good as new. That babyface kid in center for Rookie of the Year — they’re already pitching around him.

            So in honor of Opening Day, the Braves officially on their way to 162-0 and the 2009 season giving everyone a sense of a fresh new start — let’s wipe our slate clean and start over at 0-0 with everyone else.

            After a 3-1 week last week, a final, grand total of 164-121. Not too shabby.

More baseball

            What Georgia Southern did over the weekend was extremely impressive. I have to think they did it just to rub it in my face.

            After trailing 9-1 in game one Friday night, I sent Matt Yogus a text message that the College of Charleston would leave Statesboro 3-0. The Eagles must have telepathically caught wind of the doubting sentiment and turned it up a notch. You’re welcome.

            The importance of the current stretch of games was obviously not underestimated by GSU and their efforts have opened some eyes around the country.

            Southern went into last week with an RPI of 82 (fifth best in conference) and a strength of schedule at 196 (last in the SoCon). After sweeping the pants off the Cougars, those numbers are 48 and 132, respectively.

            The Eagles are now ranked 26th in the Collegiate Baseball poll and have earned votes in the USA Today Coaches’ poll.

            Now just think of how high their stock will rise with a few more wins this week over Georgia Tech (19-6) and Western Carolina (18-9).

            We must always remember that baseball is a fleeting game and you’re only as good as your last outing. If GSU is truly a player this season, they can’t afford a letdown in Atlanta or Cullowhee this week.


A tradition unlike any other

            Speaking of tradition! The Statesboro Herald will once again be sending one of our own to The Masters this week.

            No, not myself or the incomparable Mr. Yogus, but videographer Vince Johnson. You may remember him from such vodcasts as, “Prep Sports Blitz”, or, “The Eagles Nest”.

            Vince ‘I’m Vince Johnson’ Johnson will be giving you his take on the happenings this week at Augusta National. Rumor has it he earned the right to go by winning the Statesboro Herald bracket pool this year, but we cannot confirm nor deny those reports.

            What I can confirm is that Vin-sanity plans to spend his entire Thursday walking the 18 with one Tiger Woods and turning the experience into a diary for your reading pleasure.

            I expect that Vince will see the start of another Woods wins at The Masters. I mean, how can you pick anyone else?