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Weekly Whatup 12/1
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            Hey Paul Johnson… give Georgia Southern its offense back!

            Me, oh my, what a performance by the Techies on Saturday between the dismantled hedges. It’s not a shock to Johnson/triple option fans that the Wreck is wreaking havoc in Atlanta. It is a bit surprising that the havoc arrived so quickly.

            I’ll make two points about Tech: one, recruits will be flying in from all over the map to play in an offense that puts up points and with a team that beats big time opponents. Two, much like baseball, Georgia Tech’s ACC foes will make adjustments - the option won’t be new to anyone in 2009.

            After a turkey-filled, dressing-stuffed, gravy-covered, 14-5 week, looking good at 76-62.



            The Wolves came to Statesboro and did as the Romans do. They ran the football early, they ran it often and they ran it a lot. The Blue Devils just picked a tough time to have an off-night defensively. That’s just how it goes sometimes in playoff football.

            Many schools would dream of having an 11-2 football team. Statesboro fans should be pleased they’ve got one in their own backyard.

            As for Emanuel County Institute, it appears once again they cannot be stopped, no matter what the opponent does – or what the Bulldogs do to themselves. Washaun Ealey and company will be in action for the last time at home this Friday night against Wilkinson County. I suggest you go check ‘em out.

            As for the FCS, I went 6-2 last week so pay attention people! Weber State was one of those bugaboos that put a chink in my picks, upsetting Cal Poly. Can the Wildcats do it two weeks in a row on the road? Nope. Take Montana over WSU.

            New Hampshire upset Southern Illinois last week, they can’t do it twice in a row, either. Those Wildcats lose at Northern Iowa. James Madison hosts conference enemy Villanova in another quarterfinal. Dangerous game for the Dukes, but they hold on over ‘Nova.

            Finally, Appalachian State hosts Richmond. Why would anyone pick against the Mountaineers? They have to lose sometime, right? Spiders bite Armanti State, 56-52.



            Florida-Alabama? Boston College-Virginia Tech? Big XII title game? Nope – Ball State vs. Buffalo on Friday night – that’s the game I’ll be watching.

            The Cardinals have been about as good as you can be this year and we’d all love to see them in a playoff setting to see just how far they could go. They face Buffalo, a team which was one of the worst just a few seasons ago, but could now complete a miraculous season with the upset.

            Take the Fightin’ David Letterman’s, 38-31.

            In the A-Town, Florida-Alabama should be, I repeat, should be a classic. But I’ve become frustrated each and every week watching football teams put up basketball scores. Call me old fashioned, but I just hope BOTH teams play defense this Saturday in the Georgia Dome.

            I’ll take Florida, 28-21.

            Boston College has already beaten Virginia Tech this season, so the Eagles should have no problems in the ACC title game, right? Slow down.

            I’m gonna take the Turkeys to do it with defense and some new wrinkles on offense, 24-17.

            Does it matter who plays Missouri in the Big XII championship? I don’t think so. The Tigers can only hope whoever shows up in Kansas City beats themselves and the Zoo wins by default. I don’t see that happening: take Texas or Oklahoma or Texas Tech or the BCS.

            Elsewhere, I’ll roll with USC big over UCLA, Navy over Army, Arizona State over Arizona and Albany to beat Jacksonville. Wait, what? Yeah, it’s called the Gridiron Classic and it pits the winner of the Northeast Conference against the Pioneer League.

            Pay attention Eagle fans, Albany may be coming to a Paulson Stadium near you. Great Danes win 42-20.