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Weekly Whatup 1/13
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I’d like to congratulate the University of Utah on their FBS national championship this past season. At 13-0, the Utes have nothing left to prove, beat everyone that lined up on the other side of the football field from them and dismantled Alabama in the Sugar Bowl.

            You can argue until you’re blue in the face about Southern Cal, Florida, Texas or even Bosie State and their one losses, but Utah went undefeated and looked good doing it – end of discussion.

            The 2008 version of the Florida Gators will historically go down as the “national champs” – to everyone outside of the state of Utah. Would the Gators have beaten Utah? Probably. So would have USC and Texas in all likelihood. That’s not the point. Florida draws fans, money and ratings, so the big suits put another big check in their pockets, head to vacation and hope by September everyone has forgotten another BCS fiasco.

            There will be a college football playoff in my lifetime. My faith is waning, however, that the playoff will come soon or even be managed fairly. Who’s to say the Utes would have even been included in this year’s field? A tournament, in theory, gives the little guy a chance. In major college football I’m afraid the BCS college commissioners and presidents what nothing to do with the little guy.

            So until someone steps in and stops the madness, we’ll continue to love a faction of a sport that chooses a champion based on votes and computers. Truly, truly sad.



            Speaking of playoffs, just four remain in the ol’ NFl’s trek to Tampa. Last week we called the Ravens’ upset over the Titans and the Eagles over the Giants. I don’t claim to be a prophet – I let the picks speak for themselves. After a 3-1 week, sitting pretty at 111-90.

            So the Arizona, yes Arizona, Cardinals are in the NFC Championship game AND they’re at home. Shocking.

            Now the question becomes if Phoenix Fighters can get past the hysteria that surrounds their miracle run and win a conference title. They’ve shown they can win a playoff game, they’ve shown they can win on the road, they’ve shown they can play defense and they’ve shown they can win without Anquan Boldin.

            On the other side, the Philadelphia Eagles will be going for their third straight road win – comparable to the N.Y. Giants of 2007 – and their third straight upset. For my money, they’re the better team.

            But this week I’m feeling the Cards: at home, Kurt Warner, a loud, loud stadium. Cardinals 27, Eagles 23.

            Back east, Baltimore travels to snowy Pittsburgh for what will be one of those classic games you’ll see years from now on NFL films. By the way, if Baltimore and Philly win, that’s two six seeds in the Super Bowl. Just a thought.

            Back to the Steel City. Pittsburgh showed it could score last week, but that was against San Diego. Baltimore’s an entirely different beast.

            The difference for me is at quarterback. I think it’s time for Mr. Flacco to make some mistakes and Big Ben to make some plays. I’ll take the Terrible Towels 20, Ravens 13.


Son of David

            We’ll certainly be covering this game more and more as the week goes on, but I’ll go ahead and mention that this Saturday should be a wild scene over at Hanner Fieldhouse.

            Early-season Top 25 Davidson comes to the old building with what will likely be a 13-3 record and 6-0 mark in conference play. You may recognize them from last season’s NCAA tournament with feature player Stephen (pronounced Stef-en) Curry.

            The Eagles will be big time underdogs having lost star Willie Powers to a knee injury this past week and – depending on Thursday’s result at UNC Greensboro – having lost 7 of 10.

            Either way, it’ll be a great atmosphere with the Hanner Hooligans back in town and a good host of Wildcat backers making the trip from North Carolina. I suggest you make plans yourself to be there.