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SEB's Page to head up GACA
SEB Basketball
Southeast Bulloch coach John Page shouts out instructions to his team during a game against Beach High during a 2017-18 game in Brooklet. - photo by SCOTT BRYANT/staff

Southeast Bulloch head basketball coach John Page was promoted to Athletic Director last year. Recently another title has been bestowed on the longtime coach as he will take over as the president of the Georgia Athletic Coaches Association at a ceremony in Dalton this weekend.

“I’ve been on the executive board for the past few years,” Page said. “This is an honor and I hope to have a voice for some of the schools in the southeast corner of the state, which is often times overlooked.”

In addition to being an advocate for this area, Page will also have input into All-Star games, and future members of the Georgia High School Hall of Fame.

“We are trying to make sure every sport is represented with some type of all star game,” Page said. “Most recently we were able to add a volleyball and softball all star game. We are also trying to get a better variety of sports represented in the Hall of Fame. It is primarily football and basketball, but we are trying to get nominees from sports like golf, swimming and tennis in there as well.”

Page has been the head coach for the Southeast Bulloch basketball team for over 30 years and has seen quite a few changes in the athletic landscape in those years.

“I’d say the biggest changes I have seen has to do with female sports,” Page said. “Title nine really forced many schools to offer sports for girls, that weren’t offered before. The biggest change I have seen though has to do with the talent level of girls sports. I believe that the talent level in those girls sports has improved leaps and bounds over the past 20 years or so.”

One of the reasons for the improved talents of the female sports participants has been the increased number of girls now playing travel ball, and AAU. Page says he feels this can be a good thing, but at times can hurt the sport as well.

“The good thing about it is that kids are more involved, and playing more,” Page said. “The bad is I don’t know if it is really helping the kids are far as skill development. I believe they are playing against better competition, I just wish they were developing their skills more, and the importance of academics.”

Like most other basketball programs throughout the state the Yellow Jackets are about to tip off play in summer leagues. Coach Page estimates the Jackets will be playing around 30 games in the month of June.

“We just use the month of June for our summer session,” Page said. “We let them off in July so they can try and get going with football, as many of our players try and do both.”

“We have quite a few eighth graders coming up so it’s important to get them playing together this summer,” Page said. “The bottom line is it is now you have to at least play during the month of June to try and keep up. Many schools go the month of July as well, but that’s a little tougher here.”

Southeast Bulloch starts their summer training Monday, and will begin with games at Screven County June 6.