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SEB looks to hold first place against Atomsmashers

Johnson (2-3, 1-3) at SE Bulloch (2-4, 2-0)
7:30 p.m., Today
Fred Shaver Field

Game Plan
    MORE OFFENSIVE OPTIONS: Not only did SEB get its passing game on track last week, but both Yellow Jacket quarterbacks looked comfortable in the pocket. Even better, SEB’s seven completed passes went to four different receivers. With that new wrinkle for opponents to worry about, the Jackets’ power running game could find more holes to run through.
    TWO HANDS!!!: The only negative in last week’s victory was a pair of fumbles that turned over possession. Solid defense and a sound kicking game allowed SEB to dominate field position. If the Jackets can also maintain possession for long stints, it will be tough for Johnson to find many scoring chances.
    WIN IN THE TRENCHES: Much of the Jackets’ offensive success has come from the emergence of the offensive line. Four starters from 2013 had to be replaced and there was a sharp learning curve for this year’s first string. Now that they’ve gotten into gear, the rushing yards are starting to pile up.

    BROOKLET — The Yellow Jackets of Southeast Bulloch have been streaking in one way or another throughout the season.
    Their current trend is the one they’d like to stay on.
    A dominant 33-0 victory over Savannah High last week was the second consecutive win for the Jackets and raised their record to 2-4 on the season. More importantly, it also kept SEB a perfect 2-0 in sub-region play.
    Tonight, the Jackets will try to take another step toward the postseason as Johnson of Savannah (1-4, 1-0) visits Fred Shaver Field for a 7:30 p.m. kickoff.
    The Jackets have been on point in each of their two victories and hope to stay on the right page against the Atomsmashers.
    “Last week was sort of a coming together party for us,” SEB coach Pat Collins said. “We had all of the different phases of our game working all at the same time. That’s certainly something we’d like to continue to see.”
    Keying the latest win was a steamrolling effort by the Yellow Jacket offense.
    Running backs Michael Davis and Chase Walker each rushed for over 80 yards while quarterback Jaylon Wells added another 60. Even more impressively, Wells and Caleb Carter combined to throw for just shy of 100 yards – nearly doubling the team’s aerial output for the entire season.
    “The best part of our passing game was our efficiency,” Collins said. “We don’t throw it a lot, but we can be effective with it when we’re completing most of the passes that we do throw.”
    On defense, the Jackets will have their hands full trying to contain Johnson’s Dushad Morris. The Atomsmashers’ do-it-all skill player leads the team in rushing and is also a dangerous receiving target out of the backfield.
    Last week, SEB was able to do a stellar job of keeping Savannah’s skill players off rhythm. Johnson has the ability to rip off big plays and the Jackets will need another solid effort from a defense that has shown its teeth over the last couple of weeks.
    One final hurdle that the Jackets are facing is the abundance of down time.
    Fall break has meant morning practices for the Jackets, but the coaching staff has tried to keep everyone on schedule and ready to perform tonight.
    “You’ve got 15 and 16 and 17 year old boys that are mixing up their routine,” Collins said. “That’s always a challenge, but I feel like we’re very focused and prepared to continue playing good football.”

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