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Athlete of the Week: Mitchell Ball paces BA wrestlers

    Out-wrestling an opponent is a tough thing to do. Now, try doing it 59 times in a row.
    That’s where Bulloch Academy’s Mitchell Ball stands as he remains unbeaten in his high school wrestling career. A sophomore, Ball has dominated opponents for three seasons thanks to GISA rules permitting eighth-graders to compete in varsity sports.
    “Mitchell is a special kid,” BA coach Andy Tomlin said. “I’ve coached him for five seasons now, and he just continues to impress. He’s a leader on this team that continues to be one of our top point-getters and always drives on the rest of our guys.”
    After winning individual state titles in 2010 and 2011 at the 103-pound weight class, Ball is now wrestling at 120 pounds, but keeps racking up wins.
    “That just shows you what he does for us,” Tomlin said. “He moved up so that there would be room for a couple of guys to wrestle at the lower weight classes. That’s a huge challenge, but he just works hard and keeps getting after it.”
    Last season, Ball was one of three Gators to win an individual state title as the squad finished second in Class-AAA. This season, Bulloch is undefeated in dual meets and has its eye on an overall championship.