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Athlete of the Week: Glover sets tone for Claxton
Labron Glover, Claxton High senior basketball player - photo by MIKE ANTHONY/staff

    Two seasons ago, Labron Glover was a lanky sophomore trying to find his place on a talented Claxton squad. He was forced to grow up in a hurry as,  trailing with seconds to go in the Region 3-A championship game, a loose ball found its way into his hands.
    Glover stepped up, buried the game-winning shot, and it’s been all downhill from there.
    Now in his senior season, Glover is the unquestioned leader of the Tigers and is hoping to get them over the hump.
    “Labron is a special kind of guy,” CHS coach Eric Bluestein said. “We’ve got a good bit of talent, but he’s the kind of guy that everyone looks to when we need to make something happen.”
    Claxton is certainly looking to make something happen in the postseason. After winning the region tournament in 2010 and the regular-season title in 2011, Glover and the Tigers are still looking for a victory in the state playoffs.
    Glover has his troops on the right track, leading the sub-region by two full games, but he will have to keep his foot on the gas to reach that elusive next level.