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Athlete of the Week: Coleman sacrifices for SHS
Statesboro High basketball player Yakeem Coleman

    Statesboro’s Yakeem Coleman had a night to remember — even if it cost him any future modeling gigs.
    Facing off against Swainsboro on Saturday night, Coleman made a play for the ball early in the first quarter, only to find himself on the business end of a Swainsboro player’s forehead and receiving a nasty gash over his right eye.
    Undaunted, Coleman got himself patched up, then returned to the game and led the Blue Devils with 15 points in their victory.
    “I was feeling pretty good all night,” Coleman said. “(Getting hurt) wasn’t really more motivation. I just stayed focused and kept playing my game.”
    Coleman will need to continue to come up big this season as the Devils search for consistent offense. For the last few seasons, Jaqawn Raymond led the Devils’ attack. With Raymond now gone, it’s up to some new faces to pick up the slack.
    “I think that I can be a dependable scorer,” Coleman said. “I think that a lot of us can. This is a really good team and we’re expecting big things of ourselves this season.”