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Professional Eye Care of Statesboro presents Prep Sports Spotlight
Alyssa Staten – Senior, Forward, Statesboro High
Alyssa Staten
Alyssa Staten

Statesboro post player Alyssa Staten recently decided to accept a scholarship with Northeastern University in Massachusetts.

While the temperatures up there will be a lot cooler than she is used to Staten has been red hot to start the 23-24 season. She is currently averaging 20 points and 15 rebounds per game for the Blue Devils and is hoping she can help them to a deep run in the state tournament.

“I am trying to live up to being a team captain and a team leader first and foremost,” Staten said. “I feel the leadership I have grown into has helped the team because it is important for the coaches to have someone on the court that can help them as well. I think our experience in the state playoffs will help us to make a run because we have energy and determination to make it happen.”

“Alyssa has really been a catalyst for us this year,” said Statesboro coach Marty Holder. “I thought once she committed to Northeastern, she may slow down some, but it has been just the opposite. She has really turned into a leader on the team this year and it has also made the other girls really step things up. She is welcoming the role of being a leader and letting the players know she is confident and wants the ball in crunch time situations.'