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Outdoor Life: Firearms season for deer is here
Southeast Georgia scorecard
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On October 16 the big day finally arrived.  Opening morning of Georgia’s traditional firearms season for deer dawned clear and cool to the delight of thousands of Georgia hunters.  There is no other day that stirs the passion of sportsmen more than opening day for the elusive white-tailed deer.  Everyone is out there enjoying the relaxing feel of nature while they envision bagging their personal best or even a record-setting animal.  As a bonus many will enjoy plenty of savory venison prepared in ways that any chef would be proud of.
    We start the season with a spot check of how our area hunters fared in the first couple of weeks and offer a historical scorecard from years past to see what we might have in store for the coming months.  A summary of Bulloch County’s all time best deer plus the biggest deer from surrounding counties is included in this analysis.
    In order to get a handle on how the season got started we contacted the owners of a couple of the local deer processing businesses.  Here is that report.
    Dennis Hulsey owns and operates Community Deer Processing on Highway 46.  Hulsey reported that the number of deer brought in is about the same as last season to this point.  Their biggest deer to date was a brute that weighed in at 205 pounds with a beautiful eight point rack.  Hulsey also reported that hunters are seeing a lot of deer and that the deer are in a rutting mood.  Their phone number is 912-839-9009.
    Alan Best has re-opened Best Deer Processing on Whetsell Road in Twin City.  Best reports that they have also taken in a couple of deer over 200 pounds and the biggest rack they have seen is a big ten pointer.  Best also reports that the rut has started and deer are moving at a steady pace.  You can contact them at 478-763-3207.
    Now let’s take a look at the best deer killed in the history of Southeast Georgia.  If you want to get into the record books here’s what you are up against.  These are the current record holders in each of the counties charted (a fourteen county region surrounding Bulloch County).  This information is courtesy of Georgia Outdoor News Magazine (GON).  We have listed the top five deer for Bulloch County and the top two for the surrounding counties.  Deer are not included that were pickups or illegally taken.
    With the beginning of the rut this is the best time to bag a white-tail that will make this list.  Get out there and enjoy the woods.  Take a kid hunting and get even more enjoyment.  Always be safe.

Name        County    B&C Score    Year
Jerry Joiner    Bulloch    154 7/8        1998
Bobby Overstreet    Bulloch    174 3/8  (non-typical)    1981
Matthew Tolbert    Bulloch    148 3/8        1996
Michael Ansley    Bulloch    146 4/8        2006
David Mallard    Bulloch    143 4/8        2001
Foss Williams    Bulloch    143 4/8         2003
Will Toole    Bryan    146 3/8        2007
Susan Henderson    Bryan    135 7/8        2002
Glen Ashe    Burke    158 1/8        1982
Mike Gray    Burke    154 6/8        1995
James Edwards Jr.    Candler    150 2/8        1997
Eddy Jones    Candler    168 0/8 (non-typical)    1983
Steve Dearing    Chatham    162 7/8  (non-typical)    1993
Tim Boykin    Chatham    132 1/8        1998
Robert Marsh    Effingham151 5/8    1986
Edward Hoove    Effingham168 4/8 (non-typical)    1985
Harry Lumley    Emanuel    154 4/8        1983
Randy Ansley    Emanuel    149 4/8        2002
Michael Fries    Evans     153 7/8        2005
Patrick Wilbanks    Evan    145 0/8        1994
Ron Prather    Jenkins    148 5/8        2002
Carlos Terrell    Jenkins    147 4/8        2002
Michael Stevens    Liberty    140 0/8        2005
B.J. Edenfield    Liberty    127 5/8 (bow)    2002
Lenwood Eason    Long    136 7/8        2000
Clint Mallard    Long    132 6/8        2002
Joe Porterfield    Screven    158 1/8        ­—
Alan Bradham    Screven    157 5/8        1995
Mark Durrence    Tattnall    153 6/8        1997
Jay Leggett    Tattnall    142 3/8        1995
Dennis Smith    Toombs    158 2/8        1999
Andrew White    Toombs    154 6/8        1996

    (If anyone has conflicting information you can contact me at and we’ll try to get it sorted out).