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Off-road motorsports racing is an enjoyable activity
Christopher Williams 2
Christopher Williams kicks up dust as he rides a motorcycle on a dirt track. Williams is among many off-road motorsports enthusiasts throughout the Bulloch County area. - photo by Special to the Herald

    Off-road motorsports racing — ever heard of it?
    Maybe you have seen it on Speed Vision or ESPN. Well, the action is not just happening on the screen. In fact, this exciting sport is featured right here in our own community.
    Several families in our area compete in local races, and many individuals have won at the regional and national levels. We have a crop of homegrown super stars in this area.
    One thing that becomes evident when talking with the local families who participate in motorsports racing is the camaraderie. Friends become like family through all of the time spent together camping and traveling to the various events.
    The excitement of the sport creates lasting bonds, and while racers are certainly competitive, there is also a deep level of support.
    Beyond this feeling of extended community are the skill sets that are enhanced by participating in the sport. Racers learn self-discipline, improve their concentration, and stay fit — positive character traits that will follow them throughout life.
    Racers are divided into classes depending on the size of the motorcycle or the all-terrain vehicle (ATV). Other factors that determine one’s class are age level and skill level, ranging from beginner to expert.
    There are many varieties of on- and off-road racing as well. One particular form is called a hare scramble or cross-county racing. These well-organized events are performed on 8-10-mile loops along trails that run through wooded areas. The total race time typically spans 1 ½ hours for little racers and up to 3 hours for the big racers.
    Now that you know a little about the sport, you might ask yourself how you can get started. Here's a suggestion: pack a picnic and take your family to the country to check out one of these exciting events, where you can experience the thrill of the sport for yourself. While you are there, ask some of the racers how they got started. There are many Bulloch County families who are regular participants in the sport.
    Ask Josh Lee, a local high school student, how he got involved, or seek out Wayne Durden for advice on how to get your 8-10-year-old set up to ride. Steve Deloach has kept his twin daughters busy at the track, and Roy Newman appreciates the sport for the bond it has built between him and his two sons. Feel free to introduce yourself and ask questions.
    The next race is Sunday in Washington, Ga., at Aonia Pass Motocross Park, about two hours from Statesboro between Athens and Augusta.
    Stop by any of our great local motorcycle shops or go to or for the schedule of events and directions to the track. Make it your first pit-stop on a new journey in off-road motorsports.

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