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Monday Mouthoff 4/7
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    From 65, to two. The University of Kansas and the University of Memphis. Who woulda thunk it?
    Not I for one, and thus Tuesday morning I’ll be a few bucks lighter than I was at the start of this infernal obsession that is March Madness.
    I have to admit I underestimated Memphis all year long. Weak schedule, poor free throw shooting and an apparent lack of physicality. The Tigers took all that negativity that surrounded them and flat out whipped everything that crossed its path.
    Kansas on the other hand appears to be on the other end of the spectrum. Great team play without a true superstar, a very good basketball team with a nice story — but who really thought they were good enough to win it all? Perhaps they felt a bit disrespected, too, jumping out on top of North Carolina by 26 before Roy Williams filed for his old job back.
    Tonight, it’s the Basketball team and the Tigers. I’ve looked at all the film, crunched all the stats, matched up strength-of-schedules, compared notable alumni (Fred Thompson OR Bob Dole) and went with what makes the most sense: A Tiger devours a birdie.
    Memphis State 84, Chalkers 70.
    Dismal record so far: 10-13.

It’s that Blue, White Eagles came to fight (just not on camera)
    Saturday, at Paulson Stadium, it’s the annual Blue-White scrimmage for Georgia Southern football. It’s also a microcosm for the absurdity that has become spring football.
    I imagine somewhere long ago these things were played mostly in front of parents, high-riding boosters, media and a few die-hards of that respective institution.
    Those days are long gone. Now it seems as though every institution is hyping its spring game as the home opener itself. Pretty good idea on their part, I reckon.
    But what will we learn from Saturday — if anything? Does anybody remember what came out of last year’s game and if it truly impacted what transpired that fall?
    In closing, it doesn’t really matter who comes out on top Saturday — which is why I’m going with the White team to come out on top. Chumps.   

    So perhaps I was a bit wacky when I expected the Braves to start 6-1. Looks like I’ll have to settle for 159-3.
    Despite Atlanta going 3-3 out of the gate, I’m still excited and confident about its prospects. The offense will be fine and the starters will do enough. If the bullpen can be as steady as it was in Sunday’s win over the Choke-ettes, excuse me, the Mets, then we’ll have this thing wrapped up by August 1.
    P.S. — Whoever wants to start the “Jair for Cy Young” campaign, let me know where to sign up.
Uh, anybody wanna win a game?
    That makes four straight and seven-out-of-eight — on the wrong side of the standings — for the baseball team over at the Collegeboro.
    It’s certainly not time to panic, but maybe time to scratch the heads a bit.
    The Eagles have to start finding a way to keep the other team off the scoreboard — four outfielders, Vaseline pitches, flashlights in centerfield — I’m just throwin’ some stuff out there.
    The toughest part of the schedule is over. Jacksonville comes calling Tuesday followed by App State over weekend. Dare I do it? I does. Southern goes 4-0 this week.