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Monday Mouthoff
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    Raise your hand if you were at Hanner on Tuesday. Now look around at those that still have their arms folded. Now smile.
    For those of you with hands raised, what a game we saw. What a night we experienced.
    Tuesday night’s Portal-Statesboro game wasn’t really about who won, or who lost. It was about having a good time.
    Even a false fire alarm couldn’t hold us down. A little “Soulja Boy” fixed that right up.
    Statesboroans sat with Portalites. Cousin sat with cousin. Friend sat with foe. Probably the only two people in the building who wished they were somewhere else were Lee Hill and Jeff Brannen.
    Next time you see either coach, tell them congratulations for being a great coach, not for beating up on each other.
    Now we move on, and the Panthers have bragging rights for at least the next eight days, at which the two squads will meet again. Where? Well we all hope Georgia Southern comes through again and lends over Hanner. Otherwise, good luck finding a seat at Portal — capacity 500.

Eagles back on track
    Just a week ago the GSU men’s team got a wake-up call with two humiliating losses on the road in conference play.
    It seems the ship is steering back on course with a huge 96-90 home win over a certain college from a certain town of Charles and a blowout of The Citadel.
    Life doesn’t give ‘em any breaks though, as the Eagles face two more road games at the end of the week — at Elon and Appalachian State.
    Keep an eye on Southern. They could be making some noise here in the next couple of weeks.

Statesboro impressive
    After all the hub-bub died down from Tuesday’s big battle, Statesboro rebounded and took all its frustration out on the Academy of Richmond County.
    The defending Region 3-AAAA champs, although having lost a good core of players from last year, looked helpless against the Devils in a 74-49 loss.
    Statesboro looked as though it could care less about the loss to Portal. That was bad news for ARC — and may be bad news for the rest of 3-AAAA.

Manning Bowl averted
    I sat at home Sunday, watching all the extravagant football that was held before me, and began to get nervous. Both Manning’s were still alive in their quest for the Bowl of Superness.
    I have nothing against the Manning family, they seem like good folks.
    But we all remember what happened the last time the two brothers met on the field.
    ESPN turned into MSPN. The rest of the league ceased to exist. Jessica Simpson declared she would date the winner. Fox sports took us deep into the two boys’ childhood as they both fought over their father’s love. And CBS proposed a certain “reality” show that would pit the two siblings against each other on an island. It would be called — ‘Manvivor’.
    So luckily for us, one out of two Manning’s didn’t escape the weekend. Now the “Manning Bowl” will only refer to the strange looking dip on the counter that Peyton brings to dad’s house to watch lil’ Eli play the Pack. Make that a commercial.
    This weekend, I’ll take the Packers and Ol’ Man Favre to beat the Giants 35-22. I’ll take the Fightin’ Brady’s 42 over the Not-So-Super Bolts 10.