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Monday Mouthoff, 1/21
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    Some folks may call me lucky. Which is odd, because my name is Chad.
    My fiance — sorry ladies, and I’m looking at you Rhenetta — is a football fan. Ne’er is there a time when I have to watch “the game” in the other room — or not at all, God forbid.
    She even has her own team not solely based on the “hotness” of the quarterback or the “cuteness” of the team’s uniforms.
    A New Jersey native, my whoaman has deep roots in the fandom of the New York Football Giants. And guess who’s going to the Super Bowl? When she’s happy, I’m happy — you know what I’m saying ?!?
    Sure, Sunday evening was full of the occasional curse, pillow throw and death threats towards ex-Cowboy  and Fox broadcaster Troy Aikman. But when the final horn sounded, my baby was happy.
    The win by N.Y., however, meant my predictions last week went one up, one down.
    We’ll have to wait until next week for my Super Bowl lock.

Whatchou know bout ’dem Lady Eagles
    There’s a few young women down the street at Georgia Southern who are playing some pretty good basketball.
    The Lady Eagles are 6-1 in league play and have a week off before they host Western Carolina.
    They’ve done it with a nerve-racking motion offense and a solid, yet not-so-flashy defense.
    I say they go to 7-1 in the SoCon on Saturday and win their sixth straight.

Braves stuff
    It’s hard to keep up with who’s still on the team and who’s not, but the Atlanta Braves were certainly busy this past week.
    First baseman Mark Teixeira was the biggest deal. He’ll be back for another year.
    Then the Bravos picked up Mark Kotsay, a rent-a-bat from Oakland who’ll play center and won’t be anywhere near as close to the player Andruw Jones was.
    Even though I knew Andruw left, it didn’t really hit me until Atlanta picked up an American Leaguer with a bad back.
    I never question the moves of the Braves — they always turn out to be the right ones. Hopefully this one will, too.

Anything else?
    Hmmmm, oh yeah. Saturday at Georgia Southern’s Hanner Fieldhouse is the annual Hanner Hooligan Tailgate, Two words: free food. You got nothing else to do. See you there.