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Eagles prepare for scrimmage at Paulson Stadium

 Time to see what they’ve got.
    As the Georgia Southern Eagles prepare to scrimmage this morning at 9:30 a.m. at Paulson Stadium, it will be ones on ones versus twos on twos.
    Sort of.
    “Oh, right now there’s some threes playing with the ones,” said GSU coach Jeff Monken about the loose depth chart the Eagles have been practicing with. “It’s tough right now. We have so many out right now as you look around, particularly on defense. Other than that, we’re going to do everything we can to get everybody some snaps. We’ll continue to evaluate these guys as we establish a depth chart, and we’ll go from there.”
    On offense, rising sophomore Jerick McKinnon spent time at quarterback, wide receiver and slotback during the 2010 season, but has joined Jaybo Shaw, Ezayi Youyoute and Russell DeMasi practicing exclusively at quarterback.
    “He isn’t playing anywhere else right now,” Monken said about McKinnon. “He’s only playing quarterback in the spring. Right now that’s the best thing he can do for the team. We’ll see what happens. He’s certainly one of our best athletes, and we’d like to find other ways to use his skills, whether that be slot or receiver or defense or kick returns, whatever it may be. We’ll try to utilize his skills rather than just having him stand over there.”
    McKinnon isn’t the only quarterback who could potentially see time elsewhere.
    “I think Izzy’s in the same boat,” added Monken about Youyoute.
    The scrimmage will feature full contact, and the Eagles will use special teams when appropriate.
    The scrimmage will utilize officials, but the coaches will monitor the quarterbacks.
    “We’ll have officials, and we won’t tell them to blow the whistle early. We’ll let them do their job, but if I feel like the quarterback’s been wrapped up or going to get hit, I’ll blow the whistle just to try not t get anybody hurt,” said Monken. “It’s football, and they’re going to get banged up. With Jaybo being limited, we don’t want to take any chances.”   
    The scrimmage will begin with flex with the full-contact portion to follow.

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