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Double Duty: SEB works youths on soccer, softball
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            The seventh annual Southeast Bulloch girls’ soccer and softball camp kicked off Wednesday morning at the SEB sports complex in Brooklet. The camp, which fields 20 to 25 girls annually — ages ranging from third to eighth grade — focuses on teaching and developing basic skill sets for the girls.

            “The more experience the girls gain with the simple stuff, the better off they’ll be in the future,” said camp director Aimee Civalier. “We’re here to develop skill, find talent and help them improve the best we can.”

            While developing young talent may be the primary goal, Civalier, SEB’s soccer and softball head coach, hopes the camp pays dividends for her program in the future.

            “These camps help generate interest at a young age, which allows (us) to find talent for kids coming into high school,” she said. “I’ve definitely seen kids come through these camps at a young age who’ve had impact years later at the high school level. The feeder program is key.”

            Civalier, however, acknowledges that the process is not a one person show. She credits Jennifer Walker, SEB Middle School softball coach, and the girls’ recreational and other school coaches as well.

            Civalier runs the camp with help from some of her high school players. She believes it is important for the younger girls to see the high school players out here to have someone to look up to.

            “I sit them down and explain to them that we have a tradition here,” said Civalier. “The older girls being out here gives them someone to look up to and it provides them with a look of what they can expect in high school. The younger girls want to be like the older ones.”

            Such players as SEB softball teammates Megan Barnwell and Ansley Rushing are coaching at this year’s camp. The girls participate to set a good example for the younger girls.

            “We’re here to make sure the girls work hard, but also have fun. The younger they learn the mechanics the better because the older they get the harder it will be for them to learn,” said Barnwell, an Armstrong Atlantic State University signee.

            Rushing took a different route on her opportunity to work at the camp.

            “It is important for the girls to see us out here working with them,” said Rushing. “We can help them get in the groove of things. It means a lot to know people are looking up to (us).”

            The camp ends Friday beginning at 2 p.m. with a lunch supplied between camps. The softball portion takes place in the afternoon with the soccer portion preceding it in the morning.

            For information regarding next year’s camp or any other’s hosted by Southeast Bulloch, contact  SEB at (912) 842-2131 or visit online at