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All prep sports on hold
Prep soccer
Southeast Bulloch's Madison McKeithen, front, tries to hold off Statesboro High's Madilyn Welch during the second half of a Feb. 28 match at Womach Field. All area prep sporting events have been suspended for the next two weeks due to coronavirus.

Adjustments and schedules involving athletics can be confusing as there has been a large amount of information to process over the past week, due to the ongoing concerns revolving around the coronavirus pandemic

Last Wednesday, games were going on as planned and it looked as though the only real concern as far as cancellation of games or postponements was in regards to the weather. 

The next day, the GHSA recommended all schools should suspend inter scholastic competition for at least two weeks. Bulloch County has suspended them indefinitely beginning this week. All schools in the region did likewise, with practice allowed as long as school was in session.

On Sunday the Bulloch County board of education announced schools would be closed for the next two weeks, prompting even more changes. 

“Our campus is closed, so there will be no student athletes using our practice facilities,” said Statesboro High athletic director Patrick Hill. “Students are welcome to practice, or work out on their own, but coaches will not be opening anything to allow them to practice. Coaches will not be supervising any practices.”

“We are going by the same guidelines we used when there was a hurricane,” Hill said. “Even if it was a beautiful day and there was no threat of rain, if school was out, then they are not allowed to practice.”

The GHSA reccommened all schools should suspend athletics for at least two weeks,” Hill said. “Every school in our region has complied with that recommendation.Bulloch County decided on Friday to cancel athletics, conferences or field trips. It is essentially a travel ban through April 14th.”

Bulloch Academy is a member of the GISA, and Thursday evening the GISA decided to suspend all academic, athletic and professional development activities March 14th through April 10th. They stated that every attempt will be made to reschedule non athletic events when it is appropriate to do so.

Bulloch Academy officials have closed the school from March 16th through March 29th, and are basically doing the same thing Statesboro High has done in regards to team practices.

“Our stance is pretty simple,” said Bulloch Academy athletic director Pat Collins. “If school is in a traditional session, even though the GISA has disallowed competition, we will allow practice. If school is not in tradition session, meaning an on-line format or school has been closed, then we will not allow practices.”

“Players are allowed to train, and lift weights on their own,” Collins said. “The facilities at Bulloch Academy will be locked. We are not going to condone anyone coming to use our facility, because the whole ides is to get people to stay away from one another. We are choosing to err on the side of caution.”

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