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Women march for more than poll power
Sexual abuse, immigrants rights and racism also addressed
W 012118 WOMENS MARCH 03
Participants in Sunday's Power to the Polls Women's March in Statesboro circle the Bulloch County Courthouse before staging a rally. About 200 attended the march and rally, where speakers, poets and musicians expressed their thoughts about women's, immigration and LGBTQ rights, as well as civic engagement. The rally also included a voter registration drive.
Some 200 or more people taking part in the second annual Womens March in Statesboro rallied for Power to the Polls Sunday afternoon, but not just for electoral clout and electing more women. Resistance to racial and anti-immigrant prejudice and rejection of sexual victimization from harassment to rape were topics of outspoken concern and personal stories. In 2017 women on the local and national level rose up and spoke up, said event emcee Jill Johns, greeting marchers. We raised our hands and said, Me Too, and it wasnt easy. 2018 is the year of showing up, at home, at our places of work and especially at the ballot box. Marchers first gathered outside the Bulloch County Annex, the local voting headquarters. Lead organizers Suzanne Hallman, Johns, Suzanne Shurling and Ivory Watts coached them on chants such as The people, united, will never be defeated! and the call-and-response, Whos got the power? We got the power!
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