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Willingway Hospital celebrates Employee of the Year for 2014
wWillingway employee of the year
From left, Jimmy Mooney, chairman of the Willingway Board of Trustees; nurse Lynn Seamans, 2013 Employee of the Year; counselor John Williamson, 2014 Employee of the Year; and CEO Barbara Reid. - photo by KINDER CANNON/special

        In a longstanding company tradition, Willingway Hospital awarded John Williamson, certified addiction counselor, Level II, the 2014 Employee of the Year designation during its annual staff Christmas party.
    Employees gathered just before Christmas at the Springhill Suites Southern Hospitality Conference Center and celebrated with Williamson as his win was announced by the 2013 titleholder nurse Lynn Seamans.
    Each year, winners are nominated by their colleagues. Williamson’s peers noted in some of their supporting evidence that he “is a very kind and gentle person who is active in the recovery community and the local community as a whole” who “not only cares for the patients and their families at Willingway but will show the same amount of compassion for his co-workers every day.”
    Upon receiving the award, Williamson was grateful and admittedly surprised by the honor. When asked if he was expecting to win, Williamson replied: “Absolutely not! … I’m very surprised and touched to get such recognition and it means even more to know I was chosen for this honor by my peers. I feel very loved and appreciated.”
    He added that “as Lynn was reading the comments from the ballots, I was trying to decide if the person I had nominated was going to win. As she read, I was sure my nominated person had won because all the comments fit perfectly. And that’s why this is such a huge honor for me … because all the things that were said could have been so many of our co-workers.”

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