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Watch for new 4-way stop on Brampton
Change to take effect Wednesday

Beginning Wednesday, drivers will encounter a new four-way stop on Brampton Avenue where it intersects Bermuda Run and Merchants Way at Walker Pharmacy, Statesboro’s city engineering office announced this week.

“We would like to bring this to the public’s attention so that drivers will be careful in this area,” said City Engineer Brad Deal.

Currently, the intersection is a two-way stop, with Bermuda Run and Merchants Way already having stop signs, he explained. The city will be installing stop signs on Brampton Avenue, currently an uninterrupted through street.

“These changes are being made as a result of a traffic study done by the City Engineering Division,” Deal wrote in an email. “The frequency of traffic accidents at the intersection as well as increasing traffic volumes and complaints from the public were the main factors leading to the study.”

From March 2016 through March 2017, there were seven right-angle collisions at the intersection. This is the kind of accident a four-way stop should help prevent, Deal said, and his count did not include other kinds of accidents.

Bermuda Run, from behind East Georgia Regional Medical Center and in front of the Market District Center, essentially becomes Merchants Way after crossing Brampton. The Bulloch First bank building is under construction on the corner of Merchants Way and Brampton Avenue.

About 8,500 vehicles a day pass this way on Brampton, about 5,000 vehicles a day to or from Bermuda Run, and about 1,000 vehicles a day on Merchants Way, according to the city’s counts.


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