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The go-to man at Mattie Lively
Custodian Anthony Davis goes above and beyond
Anthony Davis for Web
Anthony Devon Davis , left,is a custodian at Mattie Lively Elementary that administrators and teachers say always goes above and beyond the call of duty. He is pictured with Principal Kevin Judy. - photo by ROGER ALLEN/special
       At Mattie Lively Elementary School, even Principal Kevin Judy agrees that custodian Anthony Devon Davis is the "go-to" man at the school.
        "Mr. Anthony does much more than just fulfill his duties," Judy said. "He always goes well beyond what is expected of him."
Anthony just won the Bulloch County school system's award for the second time for perfect attendance. According to Judy, the only time that Anthony was absent was when he got the flu and doctors ordered him to stay home for a week.
        "My custodial staff is the best in the system," Judy said. "Despite the fact our school is 50-plus years old, they manage to keep everything in tip-top shape."
        Anthony quickly pointed out that that is because "All the custodians here, well, we work as a team. We all try to do our work to the best of our abilities".
        The staff is lead by head custodian Lemie Brown and a staff of four: Anthony, Willie Harrington, Terri Buie and Jeanette Golden.
Mattie Lively teachers also acknowledge Anthony's efforts. Kindergarten teacher Allison Corbin, who has been at Mattie Lively for 12 years, said: "No matter what you ask him to do, no matter how bizarre it may seem, he'll do it with a smile."
        "Nothing the kids can do, no mess that they might make, can make Mr. Anthony get mad. He'll simply smile at the children and reassure them that everything will be all right. He is extremely kind and compassionate man. The kids love him, and are always running over to hug him."
        Bessie Cameron, the physical education teacher, agreed.
        "With Mr. Anthony, you give him a problem, and he'll find you a solution," she said. "What's more, no matter what he's asked to do, he'll do it in a shorter period of time and better than you could have possibly expected".
        Cameron walked over to one of the gym windows, pointed outside, and said: "Every year Mr. Anthony grows us a garden out there. He loves it when the kids come over and ask him questions about gardening. When they're ready, he'll put the vegetables up where everybody can help themselves. He's amazing."
        Anthony doesn't think what he does is exceptional.
        "It's my job the see what has to be done, and then do it. I want things to go smooth for the teachers, and especially the substitutes. That way they'll want to return if we need them again."
Anthony loves the children.
        "I feel blessed to be in a position to work with the kids. I meet them at the door every morning with a smile. I make sure they go eat their breakfast, so they can get motivated and start their day off in a good mood."
        Anthony' mother, who worked for the school system for more than 40 years, is his hero.
        He said, "I love my mom. She's always been there for me when I needed her." Laughing quietly, he continued, "and sometimes she's been there when I didn't think I needed her, too."

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