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Teen uses Christmas tree as weapon
Police: Woman attacked parents
grant monesha cintrell

    A teenage girl wielding a Christmas tree as a weapon was arrested Friday after Bulloch County sheriff's deputies responded to a call from her frantic father, reporting a domestic disturbance.

    The man told 911 operators that his daughters were assaulting their mother, according to sheriff's reports.

    Upon arrival, Bulloch County sheriff's Deputy Travis Tuenge saw the complainant fleeing from the family's Mill Creek Estates home, carrying a chair in his hands "as if he were evading someone," reports stated.

    The man dropped the chair and ran from the scene as his daughter, Monesha Cintrell Grant, 18, emerged from the home "at a rapid pace," carrying a Christmas tree over her head as if she intended to use it as a weapon, Tuenge said.

    Tuenge aimed his Taser at Grant and ordered her to drop the tree, which she did. She then lay down on the ground and was compliant as Investigator Jim Riggs, who arrived to assist Tuenge, handcuffed her, Tuenge said in reports.

    Grant's mother then told deputies that her juvenile daughter was still inside the home.  When deputies entered, they saw an unknown male holding the girl down on the couch, with the girl holding a "large piece of glass" as if she intended to use it as a weapon.

    The juvenile complied with orders to drop the glass, and the male who had been restraining her fled before deputies could get his identity, reports stated.

    But when the juvenile girl was placed in the patrol car, she began acting oddly, Tuenge said.

    "Her condition didn't resemble any seizure I've ever seen," Tuenge said in reports, but deputies called EMS anyway, as a precaution. However, when EMTs arrived, the girl began cursing, refused treatment and told the EMTs to "get the (expletive omitted) away from me," according to reports.

     Then, Grant became combative, kicking the windows of a patrol car. She resisted further when she arrived at the Bulloch County Jail and had to be placed in a restraint chair due to her violent behavior, Tuenge reported.

     Grant was booked on charges of battery (family violence), criminal trespass and disorderly conduct.

    The Department of Juvenile Justice was advised of the juvenile's arrest on charges of ungovernable child and other offenses, and she then was turned over to her mother's custody.

                Bulloch County sheriff's Chief Deputy Jared Akins said the altercation began when Grant's parents refused to allow her to use their vehicle.


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