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Suspects sought in home invasion robbery
Armed men wearing masks invade Dink Station Road residence
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Armed men wearing masks tied up a woman and shot through a closet door at a man early Tuesday morning during a home invasion style robbery.

Bulloch County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the Dink Station Road home near Register, where the victims said the intruders took guns and a cell phone. The woman and her cousin could not provide descriptions of the offenders, but gave chilling accounts of the ordeal, according to reports by Cpl. Robert Dinello.

The woman said she was awakened by an unknown offender who broke into her home, wearing a mask and demanding money, he said. When the woman told the suspect she had no money, he “then forced her to the floor and threatened her with a firearm” before tying her hands behind her back with her cell phone charger cord.

The suspect, whom the victims could not describe, took her cell phone and her driver’s license from the woman’s wallet.

The woman said she felt there were more than one intruder in her home, but she did not see them.

At least one other man was there, according to her male cousin, who said he awakened by noise and saw the men inside. He “backed up into his closet … and held the door shut” while the suspects tried to force the door open. He told deputies he “heard an offender say they would shoot through the door.

“(The male victim) heard a shot and noticed what appeared to be a bullet hole in the closet door,” he stated in reports.

The male victim said the offenders stole several guns from him and also broke his cell phone.

The two victims remained in the home “for a while until they felt the offenders had left the scene,” according to reports.

The woman told deputies she was unsure of which direction the suspects fled, and that she ran to a relative’s residence afterward to call the sheriff`s office, he said.

She complained of injury to her wrists from being tied up with the cord, as well as pain to her shoulder from her hands being put behind her back.

The male victim reported a small injury to his foot, Dinello reported. His injury was examined by EMS but he denied transportation or further care.

Bulloch County Sheriff’s Inv. Jason Long is handing the case. Anyone with information about the incident may contact Long at (912) 764-8888 or send an anonymous tip to


Holli Deal Saxon may be reached at (912) 489-9414.



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