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Statesboro's Health Assessments, Inc. offers fully accredited drug and alcohol testing

There’s a 23-year-old firm in Statesboro that few people know exists but many local residents and companies have used its services. 

Health Assessments, Inc. (HAI) was founded in 1995 by Hank Braner and Deborah Bowles when it became obvious that collections for drug testing and DOT physicals were being done in a multitude of clinical settings, often times by staff that were not aware of the special requirements for these tests.  With the opioid epidemic on the rise, now more than ever makes it even more important that company’s partner with providers experienced in the industry.

HAI employs highly skilled, trained professionals to administer, collect and store drug test samples to ensure the most accurate results – results that will stand up to legal challenges. 

“To my knowledge, we’re the only nationally accredited drug/alcohol testing collection facility in Statesboro dedicated solely to providing these services,” said Braner, PA-C (Physician’s Assistant-Certified). “By being nationally certified, it means we’ve been trained according to the federal standards for collections. It means we maintain annual certification. We keep up to date on the ever-changing regulations affecting our industry.”

Local companies, large and small, have trusted Health Assessments to administer drug and alcohol tests for decades.  However, Braner and Bowles, the firm’s CFO/Manager, say they have noticed the increasing use of self-administered tests by some area businesses. That could cause unexpected problems down the line for those employers.

“Our expertise in this field ensures all our tests are accurate, kept confidential and are defensible in a court of law,” Braner said.

Bowles pointed out that drug/alcohol test kits picked up at area drug stores or on-line were first made for concerned parents, but more and more businesses are using these kits for employee testing.

“A test with a positive result using one of those kits would not stand up if challenged legally,” Bowles said. “Employers must have GC/MS confirmation by a NIDA certified lab on any positive results, which they are assured of with testing administered by the professionals with Health Assessments.”

In fact, Braner and the company’s Compliance Coordinator, LeighAnn Lowe, said they both have been called in many cases and the accuracy of our tests have always been affirmed. “We’ve never lost a case,” said Lowe, who joined the company in 1997.

“One of the most frustrating and costly aspects of workplace drug testing is the high incidence of rejected specimens due to errors at a collection site,” Bowles said. ”We are an accredited Collection facility with well-trained collectors.  We can assure our clients that Health Assessments will provide the most accurate testing services available.”

Another service HAI offers are physicals for Commercial Driver’s License holders.  A satisfactory physical exam is mandatory at least every two years to maintain CDL status. Braner is one of the first in our area to become certified under the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (NRCME) mandated by the Department of Transportation.

Beyond this service, Health Assessments also offers physicals for pre-employment, school sports, bus drivers and even Coast Guard employees. Companies can also request occupational testing including respirator fit, pulmonary function and audiogram testing.  Individuals can request DNA paternity testing and independent blood panels. 

“We are the only office that is dedicated solely to these services,” Braner said. “We do not treat patients so your healthy employees needing these type of services are not sitting in a room filled with people who have the flu. They are taken care of in a timely fashion and sent back to work.”

This article is sponsored by Health Assessments, Inc., which is located on Miller Street Extension, just off the west end of Veterans Memorial Parkway.  You can reach Health Assessments by calling (912) 489-3938 or their website

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