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Statesboro police trade in their handguns
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The Statesboro Police Department is getting new primary duty weapons, trading in its old Glock 21 and Glock 30 handguns for a new version of the Glock 21.

The Glock 21 and Glock 30 both are .45-caliber semiautomatic pistols.

Purchased in 1998, the department's guns were 16 years old and "showing significant signs of wear and tear," stated Public Safety Director Wendell Turner's memo to the mayor and City Council. Night sights were not illuminating properly, and the guns were also starting to have light primer strikes, which could cause them not to fire, the department reported.

Total price for 71 new Glock 24 Gen. 4's with night sights and three magazines each would have been $33,299 on the lowest of three quotes received.

However, the department was able to trade in 63 old Glock 21s and 15 Glock 30s, plus one Glock 21SF and one Glock 26, for a total credit of $27,085.

This made the net cost to the city $6,214. A budget item funded by the 2007-2012 Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax cycle earmarked $20,000.

Any officers who wanted to keep their old weapons as personal property were allowed to buy them at the trade-in price. City Council unanimously approved the replacement deal Aug. 5.


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