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Statesboro District 5 special election date unsettled
Conflict in state laws informs choice of May 22 or Nov. 6
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Despite a decision by Statesboro City Council last week, the issue of whether to hold the special election for the vacant District 5 council seat on May 22 or Nov. 6 is back on the agenda for Tuesday’s 5:30 p.m. regular meeting. Since the four remaining council members unanimously voted to call the election for May 22, they have received legal advice that two sections of the state laws governing elections contradict each other. According to this advice, holding a separate city special election on the same day as either regular statewide election and complying with all sections of the law is a “literal impossibility,” but the city attorney suggests in his memo that Nov. 6 would be a somewhat safer option for avoiding a lawsuit.
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