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State adds 2,000+ to Bulloch vaccination totals
Study discovers missing county-of-residence data
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The Georgia Department of Public Health recently announced a revaluation of confirmed COVID-19 cases showed Bulloch County had about 100 fewer cases than previously reported. 

Tuesday, the Department of Health said further study of vaccination data from around the state revealed more than 2,000 Bulloch residents had received at least the first dose and another 2,000+ residents had been fully vaccinated than previously reported. 

“(Tuesday’s) COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard reflects updated county and census tract information for more than 784,000 administered vaccines,” said Nancy Nydam, the director of Communications for the Department of Public Health, in an email. “This updated data is the result of matching known vaccine recipient residency information with existing Georgia Department of Driver Services records.”

In her email, Nydam said the state had 1,248,063 vaccination records with missing county information. But, after working with Driver Services records, the Department of Health was able to pair 784,733 doses with people from specific counties not known before, she said. 

“This more granular data provides additional transparency and accuracy in our county-level reporting and will help guide vaccination efforts in local communities,” Nydam said.

According to the Monday figures from the Georgia Department of Public Health, 18,168 Bulloch residents had received at least one dose of the vaccine — 24% — and 16,171 were fully vaccinated — 21%.

With the revised county data added in, Bulloch jumped to 20,489 with at least the first dose – 27%, an increase of 2,321 people who have had the first shot. Also, the new figures show 18,241 people are fully vaccinated – 24%, an increase of 2,070 people fully vaccinated.

Nydam said the state will continue trying to match the remaining 463,330 residents who have been vaccinated with their true county of residence.

On Saturday, the City of Statesboro and Squashing the Spread Bulloch will offer free COVID-19 vaccine pop-up events at local grocery stores on from 9–11 a.m. at each store. 

The vaccines will be administered by local health providers at no cost. The participating grocery stores are: Food Lion — 325 Northside Drive East; Food World — 2949 Northside Drive West; and Walmart — 147 Northside Drive East.

In addition to the vaccine shots being given at three local grocery stores on Saturday, vaccinations are readily available at area pharmacies, doctors’ offices, the Bulloch County Health Department and East Georgia Regional Medical Center. 

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