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September 7 - The homeowners on North Main Street in the 500 500 block cleaned up for the weeken
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The homeowners on North Main Street in the 500 ... 500 block ... cleaned up for the weekend, with yards cut, lookin' so nice. ... We spent the weekend with the big cook truck parked between the chimneys. Let's see if we can't park the truck behind the chimneys. It looks like we're gonna have to live with the chimneys forever. Thank you.

To whoever hit my pop's dog ... on Metts Road ... Thursday night or Friday morning ... I hope you can sleep at night knowing that you caused his death., You could at least stopped and let somebody know. Maybe we could've saved him. ... You're probably too stupid to read this also. ... But slow down! ... It is a dirt road. And there are kids here, too. Remember that.

... The problem with the economy was because of too few regulations and regulators to police Wall Street, not too many ... regulations. Regulations save lives and money. The Republicans want you to believe otherwise. Wake up ... American people! Wake up, Bulloch County! Do not be so ignorant.

People ... please try to be a little more patient and courteous when dealing with ... our elderly. Do remember that we are all ... getting older ... and one day we will indeed be in their shoes. Thank you. Have a blessed day.

... I was wondering if Holli Bragg or someone could ... from the sheriff's department could give a clarification regarding charges ... in the police report ... on Tuesday. ... What is a shoe requirement and a tire requirement violation?

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