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September 4 - "Who did President Obama threaten to withhold pay to when he was not getting his way
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Who did President Obama threaten to withhold pay to ... when he was not getting his way on raising the debt ceilin'? It was Social Security retirees, military retirees ... and Social Security disability. ... It was not illegal aliens ... or congressmen or senators ... or he and his wife's extravagant spending. ... It was the people that needed it the most. His voting base, he preserved. Think about that when it's time to vote for him again.

Once again, I see in the Statesboro Herald ... page after page of foreclosure notices. How in the world can the tax assessor's office ... say that this area has been little affected by the housing situation in the rest of the country?

How 'bout that band at the peanut festival street dance? Don't know where they come from. ... But, wow! ... Bring 'em back. What do y'all think?

... The August 26th column by Gene Lyons demonstrates that Gene Lyons is nothing but a Democratic hack ... who's tried to tear down a successful ... Republican governor of Texas. While at the same time, all he's trying to do here ... is build up the totally incompetent president, who's never had a job ... except running in politics and has done nothing except destroy ... hundreds of thousands of jobs since he's been in office for just two and a half years. This is what you get when you have person who's never held a job and all he knows how to do is take other people's money and buy boats with it.

Please, please, stop wasting space in the paper by printing Gene Lyons' columns. ... He is mean, mean, mean, and never lets the facts interfere with his opinion. His attempts at humor aren't even funny.

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