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September 21 - iana West's editorial in Sunday's paper hit the nail on the head. Wake up, Christians
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Diana West's editorial in Sunday's paper hit the nail on the head. Wake up, Christians, before it's too late.

I'm callin' about ... the 'Day for Southern'. It was on the front page of Tuesday's paper. ... Not only does ... the residents of Bulloch County and Statesboro contribute to the Day for Southern, but surrounding counties also do it. So it's not all done by ... Bulloch County residents.

For their first 150 years of America's settlement ... for the first 50 to 75 years of our nation's existence ... government schooling as practiced today did not exist. ... Our well-educated Founders did not believe ... that the government was required to provide, regulate or operate schools. ... You wanna fix education? Go back to the way our Founders did it.

I'm a Christian. Were my tax dollars used to bring water to that atheist's property? ... That kinda sentiment is just ridiculous. ... The Bible says, 'The fool have said in his heart there is no God'. Some people are not just foolish ... but they're also ignorant. ... They should actually read the Constitution and see for themselves that it says nothing about separation of church and state. ... That's just a myth that foolish atheists made up.

The church, First Baptist, will pay for an upgrade of city pipes and city roads, just asking to use labor. Not a church-state issue if the city ... would accept ... the upgrades and road costs ... for another provider ... and ... but provide labor for ... the safety of our citizens for, say, a movie theater or any other large gathering place.

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