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September 2 - Starting today ... August the 16th ... your President Obama ... is giving illegal al
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Starting today ... August the 16th ... your President Obama ... is giving illegal aliens up to the age of 30 ... two years ... to be in the United States. He just added ... two million job seekers to the work force ... at a time of record unemployment. ... And it's all so he can get their votes down the road.

Concerning Georgia Southern University. ... President Keel's claim ... that GSU should ... first of all ... be bigger ... ignores the crucial needs of students we have now ... or will have. These are your sons and daughters. Help us teach.

Why does the Statesboro herald not ever print anything about Georgia ... Bulldog football?

I have a suggestion ... for the empty building where Carey Hilliard's was. ... How 'bout if ... Ocean Galley moved there? ... They would have a much bigger ... place of business ... and the present situation is terrible ... as far as ... the entrance and exit being in the same place. And it's a small space. You can't hardly get in or out ... when it's busy. ... And ... they would have a lot more parking. ... So, I think it would be a wonderful idea if they would consider that.

It is no surprise that Romney loves the Ryan economic plan. ... Under it, he pays no taxes. ... The rest of us, however, gets to pay more taxes ... so that he doesn't have to.

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