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September 16 - For all you litterers, there's a new dump in Bulloch County. It's called Maria Sorrel
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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald. To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733.

For all you litterers, there's a new dump in Bulloch County. It's called Maria Sorrell Road. ... Just come throw your trash out. The county won't do anything about it.

The Democrats in Washington are running from Obama as hard as they can. ... When Obama came to ... to Georgia, Roy Barnes disappeared. ... The same thing is happening in ... in other states. Democrats are also being quiet about the stimulus and health care legislation ... that they ... passed over the objection of the people. ... If these two bills are so great ... you would think they would be braggin' about their accomplishments.

Obama's health care bill says if you don't take his health care ... as an American taxpayer ... you will be fined and jailed. ... Well, I think Obama and all the congressmen and senators in Washington should be fined and jailed because they're not takin' out the new health care by Obama. They're keepin' somethin' else, which we would really like to have.

Somewhere on some silly piece of paper it is reportedly written that there is to be separation between church and state. ... This thing about the Baptists and the water line is the ... between the church and the city. ... That's totally different ... and is okay ... right? That's a question mark.

Instead of 'Burn the Quran Day', we should have 'Read the Quran Day'. If people could hear the way it encourages hatred and glorifies murder, they would know that the religion of Islam is not peaceful and not tolerant.

As for the Florida preacher and the Quran ... he is just a nut and publicity hound. ... If the media would walk away completely, he would fade away.

I don't know where you get your information, but the Bulloch County Board of Education does not have Facebook blocked. Teachers and students can ... access Facebook off of the net ... at the public schools.

Why doesn't the commander in chief, Barack Obama ... order the military to burn the koran ... like he did the Bibles ... May of last year in Afghanistan? ... Sixty-two percent of the people polled said that was wrong, he should've sent the Bibles back to those that purchased them. ... But, no, he burned 'em. ... And now he's defendin' the koran. So what does that tell you about him?

... Could we get someone ... from the city to ... repair those ... I know they're in the process of redoin' the road, but it has put some bad dips on the road. There's no sign ... warnin' you that there are bad dips since they have started work on the road. ... And someone's car gon' get toe up or somethins gon' happen when they lose the baby or something. So, if you will, please have someone to check on that for me. Thank you very much.

This is for all the moms and the dads that's pickin' up their kids at Julia P. Bryant ... in the afternoon, in the mornin'. ... Would you please ... allow a space for people that's not goin' to pick up their kids ... that's tryin' to do their jobs ... takin' other people home that has to be home? ... Also ... just leave a little gap just big enough for ... traffic to be able to go and come. Thank you very much.

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