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September 15 - Statesboro City Council, the best representation money can buy.
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Statesboro City Council, the best representation money can buy.

This is to commend the Herald for its position on whether or not the city should use taxpayer money to extend ... a 10-inch wide ... water line to the new sanctuary of First Baptist Church. ... The separation of church and state provided for in our constitution should not be ignored. ... Let's hope the city council uses good judgment and turns down the request ... from First Baptist.

How does Rum Runners and Rude Rudy's meet the 50-50 requirement for restaurants and bars when they don't even have a kitchen?

I'm calling in response to Holli Bragg's article about law enforcement. ... We also notice quite often when we are out ... driving how often ... that you see police and state patrol breaking the laws ... they want us to obey ... when they have emergency lights on. This is an endangerment to everyone.

As a teacher's aide my junior and senior year of high school - yes, in Bulloch County - I also witnessed teachers on Facebook during classes. ... There are other ways to access the Internet ... not just through the computers in the classroom.

... The Herald editorial Tuesday referred to the U.S. Constitution and its separation of church and state. ... The First Amendment does not say anything about separation. ... The amendment prevents the government from establishin' a state religion.

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