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September 14 - "Shame on the county ... for putting red clay dirt on Country Club and Cypress Lake r
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Shame on the county ... for putting red clay dirt on Country Club and Cypress Lake roads. ... You made our streets look like hillbilly alley, not to mention ... the red dust and dirt on our vehicles. Thank you ... or no thank you.

The Republican Party's platform positions on women's health issues ... climate change science ... and alternative energy technologies ... reminds us that Republicans fear science ... because it consistantly proves again and again how willfully ignorant they are.

To the genius who wonders why Christian gunmen ... aren't called terrorists. ... You're missing the point. ... Who says ... these guys were Christians? ... And also, I don't think these crimes ... were done in the name of Christianity. ... Please get your facts straight ... before lashing out. ... Thank you and God bless.

CNN's pathetic attempt to criticize the Republican ... convention on ... Thursday morning is an insult to its viewers. ... I encourage all Americans to watch both conventions ... so they can make informed decisions about what actually happened. ... Listening only to what you agree with leaves you vulnerable to lies. ... Our local channel 9 covers the conventions in their entirety.

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