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September 1 - "Maxine Waters shows exactly how dishonest and misinformed the Washington liberal poli
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Maxine Waters shows exactly how dishonest and misinformed the Washington liberal politician can be ... when she speaks ... about the TEA Party and her opinion of it. She does not know ... that the people still run this country and not liberal politicians.

Just read the article ... on the Puckett family. ... They are truly ... proof positive that ... in order to get blessings, you must bless others.

Parents at William James: again, no left turn onto Highway 80 during 3 to 4 o'clock. You're holding up other people trying to get out and turn right as you're supposed to. No left turn! What part don't you understand?

I've got a question. Why did gas jump up at least 10 cent or more ... since college is open? Tryin' to gouge the ... college students? Price of oil dropped ... and gasoline went up in Statesboro. That's a shame. Thank you. Bye.

Folks, the economy is getting bad. ... I went to my bank's ATM to get some money and it gave me an IOU.

I just wanna say that how it's a shame that our economy ... is strugglin' so bad, but, I know this year in Bulloch County, you got so many females that's around here doin' these illegal taxes and gettin' thousands and thousands of dollars ... and ... you know, we're all sufferin'. Then when people try to go file their taxes, their Social Security has already been taken. But they ridin' around here in all these fine cars and stuff. I mean, it's ... is the fed ... ... feds gon' do somethin' about it? ... Or they just gon' keep let 'em keep takin' our money? ... And then wonder why the government's broke.

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