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October 9 - At least two times a day there is a man who walks his three pit bulls off leash, o
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... At least two times a day ... there is a man who walks his three pit bulls ... off leash, off of Savannah Avenue ... and I am wondering ... why the police have not stopped him yet before someone is injured.

To all of you who voted for Satarro, a.k.a. Obama, to ... for president to prove that you weren't a racist ... please vote for someone else next time to prove that you're not an idiot.

Mr. Hunter said when the Ogeechee floods ... that the chemicals in the deep holes were mixed together and neutralized. Until we get enough of a mix, how many more fish are gonna die? ... This fish kill ain't over yet.

Thanks, Briggs & Stratton ... for the fireworks after the ... Georgia Southern game Saturday. They were great.

... I don't know who owns the property on Birdie Lane, but ... people are beginnin' to talk about it and it's trashy lookin' and ... you know, whoever owns it, please ... clean it up. Otherwise ... county's gonna come and ... say it's a fire hazard and condemn it. ... So, you know who you are. I don't know, but ... please ... do your job. Thanks.

... I'd like to ... thank the ... sheriff's department, the police department and the DA. They're doin' a great job. Keep it up. ... Kudos to you. ... But the taxpayers ... the county and the city and the tri-state county area ... we're getting our money's worth ... and thank you.

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