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October 7 - ... Someone wants a restaurant at Ogeechee Crossing on their end of town. ... Then you b
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... Someone wants a restaurant at Ogeechee Crossing on their end of town. ... Then you better vote Obama out of office. ... You see, with Obama care ... and higher taxes comin' January 1st for any small business ... it's pretty much impossible to start something like a restaurant on your own. ... Nobody in their right mind is gonna start up a new business at this time ... unless we find out ... that he's getting out of office.

What is ironic about Romney's contemptuous remarks about the 47 percenters ... is that the majority of them are white southerners. ... He's attacking his primary base of supporters. How stupid can he be?

This is to the supreme idiot that wrote or called the Soundoff sayin' they don't understand the criticism about Romney's wealth. ... The criticism isn't about how much money the man has. It's about how he got it. ... And the fact that he hides it to keep from payin' his fair share of tax. ... I am one of those people that walk to the mailbox ... to get my check, but I would bet you, I paid in more years ... than you have been alive. ... You need to stop listenin' ... to the Republican propaganda and start bein' realistic. ... I called you an idiot and that was being kind.

For the person that want to know how to get banned from Walmart and different places and university ... you waitin' on somebody to call in and tell you? I got a better one for you. ... Go misbehave in one of those places and you'll see first-hand how you get banned.

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