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October 7 - Main agenda today. We all know how to stop man whores. It's called child support. Bu
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Main agenda today. ... We all know how to stop man whores. It's called child support. ... But how do we stop these ... woman whores? ... I mean, Bulloch County ... you know, we been fightin' again ... against this for years. A lotta good men gettin' locked up in jail for ... all types of reasons. We can't run from it. If we wanna be a man whore, we have to pay for it. ... You know, since I become disabled, I see this women ridin' around just lookin for men. ... It's not fair. Maybe somebody needs to step up and start tellin' these women after three kids, tie the tubes, no more. ... Have a great day.

I got a question. ... Should ... is it appropriate for a law enforcement officer ... to cuss you out all the way to the jailhouse? ... Even when you don't say nuthin' to 'im. They just call you a mutha and a ... son of a ... and a a. ... I mean, come on, people! ... is there any rights to the citizens of Bulloch County? ... Goodbye!

All of you pathetic people that are still upset about ... supposably you're losin' your fishin' spot or your ... recreation spot ... that were so excited and happy about the million dollar settlement then now you're still gon' file a class-action suit. ... All you're wantin' is money now because ... that's all y'all after. You're not upset. ... That's all you're lookin' for now is money now that they've been ... made to pay a million dollars now y'all are lookin' for money. You're not upset about losin' a place to fish or anything else. You're just lookin' for money. Come on, people. Let it go now.

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